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  1. Height is my choice it's also a social construct, today I was 5'11", yesterday I was 3'2", a midget told me to stop culturally appropriating, and suggested that I grow up!

  2. What is the song that starts around 10:50 or so, where the dummy fell on the wet pallet? It is kinda catchy, as we see some of these fine people out there, almost like a 21st Century Benny Hill themesong.

  3. The funny part is that granny could sue over using her likeness without explicit permission, as the person posting these pretty much admitted that they lied about not putting those videos online. Or does that depend on the state where actions took place?

  4. you lose all cred when you put politics on tiktok … It's funny he brought up Flint Michigan tap water & Trump had a chance to change that one

  5. They aren’t desperate. They are still trying to require crazy ass availability..

    Yes we want you to have a flexible schedule. Yes you must work days and nights and weekends. (I am an MT, esty) I have kids

    Kids ?? Oh no not good for us we need you to also come in when we call you. And oh because we can’t get anyone we need you to work 60
    Hours a week…

  6. “Gas station sushi..A mixed drink from Bill Cosby…,a blood transfsion from charlie sheen, breast milk from Bruce Jenner” ???????????????