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  1. I live in Washington state and I’m on the case boss. Also, that definitely wasn’t me, absolutely, 100% not me. Not even a little bit, yup. I’ll find the culprit?

  2. The cans at the baseball game was the highlight and I cannot think of any reason why someone would wink at that.

    Fine. Her. I won't be too mean for now. Easy win btw XD

  3. So I have a question teacher, what ever happened to traveler id’s? Did they forget about them or just said fuck it even though it’s a law let’s not Enforce that one! ?

  4. the guy that had his FRS rear ended and saying "DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU JUST HIT" is a absolute moron, FRS is a cheap low powered car lmao. The car doesn't even have a single mod from what I see, what an ignorant kid.

  5. That assaulted by a guy winking reminds me of what a guy did to me the other day. He private messaged me on Facebook and told me he was going to beat me up because I messaged his wife. I have talked to the wife before a few times when necessary, and it was platonic. According to him, messaging his wife on Facebook constituted as stalking. I looked up his arrest record. Dude has been a multiple time felon over many numerous illegal drugs that I cannot even pronounce. So yeah, don't do drugs kids.

  6. I made a shirt for a 6 year old that said, I'm a thief. When we arrived at a gathering I pulled it out and said she needed to wear this. She started crying. I asked her why she didn't want people to know she was stealing. She never wore the shirt. It did make a difference. Not sure it would work for everyone. She is a hard worker today..

  7. In US from 300.000 flu cases/lab tests through Jan 2019 down to almost zero in 2020-21 !?!?!? A practicing doctor sent 1500 samples to 2 different labs to check for Covid and all came back from both independent labs as influenza A or B, not one Covid !!! Then he asked the CDC for a Covid sample, but they couldnt provide one….So where did the flu go ??? Facebook censored me for posting TRUTH, coz it aint whats on the agenda….so, what is on the agenda ? Fear, lies and domination is on their agenda and thats the daily brainwash "You have to do what we tell you too" ! Taking away our choice and give it to the Boss of the Pit ! What happened to my body, my choice ? Its ok to kill babies, but its not ok to say no to poison !?!? Pfizer content is 99% graphene-oxide !!! Our Choice is what we have and nothing else, see Vendetta, Matrix, Revolver, Passion of Christ, Apocalypto and you'll bear witness to "our choice" ! -to go home again or go to the pit, forever ! "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it." Luke 9:24