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  1. @ 7:25
    Sure the guy should've had his dog leashed, but did you notice the jerk in the white wife beater tee jump over the toddlers to get into the house first.
    Talk about a selfish fuck. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George shoves the old lady with a walker over to get out of the house on fire.

  2. @ 11:22 If the guy just kept reading the wiki about Michael J. Fox, it explains why he doesn't go by Michael Andrew Fox.
    From Wikipedia:
    Fox was discovered by producer Ronald Shedlo and made his American television debut in the television film Letters from Frank, credited under the name "Michael Fox". He intended to continue to use the name, but when he registered with the Screen Actors Guild, which requires unique registration names to avoid credit ambiguities (and the possibility that royalty checks would be sent to the wrong actors), he discovered that Michael Fox, a veteran character actor, was already registered under the name. As he explained in his autobiography Lucky Man: A Memoir and in interviews, he needed to come up with a different name. He did not like the sound of "Michael A. Fox" during a time when "fox" meant "attractive" and because his "A" sounded too much like the Canadian "eh?" Fox also disliked the sound of "Andrew" or "Andy", so he decided to use a different middle initial and settled on "J", as a tribute to actor Michael J. Pollard.

  3. I did security around the stupid Communist statue in Seattle. Those stupid scooters were the best way to get around as a rent a cop for my patrol. 1$ an hour and 9 square blocks to ride around alone. Hell no am I walking around looking like a rent a cop without any police.

  4. that toothbrush one, people really are that stupid arent they? i can understand not wanting to throw away a $100+ toothbrush, but cmon, that one in the vid is clearly the one the dentist gives you when you visit

  5. I agree that many things related to using a mask don't make sense. But people in cars wearing a mask. Have you considered that maybe they are on their way from let's say a store to another store? As we know, it's okay to wear the same mask for some time. And if within this time you visit multiple stores, you don't want to be taking the mask on an off. So wearing a mask in a car might actually make sense.

  6. First off, people should know any mask other than medical or N/P rated is not blocking anything. All the custom masks made of nylon, cotton, spandex, krylon, and other synthetics do not filter anything. So, this whole thing is a joke.

    Secondly, only around 10% of North Americans are wearing proper masks. Might as well just get rid of mask mandates. Just limit people in all buildings.

  7. I love how urban libs want clean air and blame Republicans who live in rural areas with some of the cleanest air.. just like they blame country folks/conservatives for big city problems

  8. Amazon isn't that bad- my 19 year old son has been at the distro plant here for a year started when he was 18

    Problem is, kids these days don't know what work is.

    Edit- he is diagnosed autistic and consistently is top performer