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  1. anyone who puts video cam thru there homes like that i think is about stupid specially when they hook there system up to the net but its your living room not a prison put cams outside you home never inside like that have some respect for you kids privacy to a degree and catch them the right way no cheating be real parents

  2. Pranks at work.

    Back when I was a server at a restaurant, I had a shift supervisor once who, on slow nights, would hide in various places and jump out to startle the workers for shits and giggles. Some of the staff were real screamers.

    So I'm rounding the corner from the dish pit back to front of house, and she's hiding behind a boxed in support beam, lunges out and yells, "BOO!"

    Literally 1/10th of a second later, I realize I've just punched her in the face. The instant I realized it was her, I tried to pull back, but it still connected.

    I was like, "I'm so sorry! It was just reflex!" She says, "I totally deserved that."

    Good times.

  3. My best friend does deliver for the United States Post Office and it kills her but she tries to be positive and she looks at it as a goal each day. To lift those packages and get each one of them delivered properly

  4. I'm doing holiday packahe delivery for UPS. When I see competitor postal companies I think to myself… GET OFF OUR TURF! But I injured my self due to being out of shape… So I got my karma.

  5. All this time I thought Tyler was telling us to put our “heads down and like…” when he meant just move your mouse or finger slightly down and press “like”. I’ll see myself out.

  6. Chick Fil-A has sauce? I went once. I got a piece of chicken on a dry bun half the size of the chicken with 3 pickle slices and cold fries. Not even a ketchup packet for the fries. Never went back.

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