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  1. The Home Depot houses are real. It’s not a joke. You do have to install insulation, electrical, plumbing, etc…. It’s not that weird. Sears used to sell houses in their Sears & Roebuck catalogues. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Chili Cookoff – Our team did that at one of those "Mandatory Team Building" events at work. Manager pre-ordered Wendy's chili, we put it in a crockpot, and added some Marie Sharps pepper sauce. Had no intention to win, just to fulfill our obligation. Came in first in the Best Tasting category. We were all sworn to absolute secrecy….

  3. Yeah that 2nd one about the numbers, she has a BIG point there! Fiat currency ONLY works on faith that it will purchase us goods and services. Here soon the world's fiat currancy is going to collapse so yeah!

  4. Last clip: He didn't actually win, and the judges weren't actual chili cook-off judges. It was in California, and that was his Participation Trophy.

  5. Did anyone notice there always been war, but somehow Ukraine is about the economically flip seven continents, and i can't help but feel sorry for the people on Antarctica the most.

  6. What kinda accent is that dude 🤣🤣.
    Depends where you live but people here sound more normal in conversation. Look at Charlie Veich's videos from Manchester city center filmed almost daily. Rate my takeaway is a cracking watch aswell for anyone outside of Britain, all the best local restaurants and takeaways tried out by Danny and guests. He's a great bloke from my home town of barnsley

  7. Showing my age. After a rash of thefts, my brother soldered razor blades to the bottom and back of his car 8 track cassette deck. Only took 2 weeks and he got blood samples from someone who was trying to steal it…..

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