Try not to laugh. #tiktok #laughyoulose #trynottolaugh

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  1. All the climate nuts glueing themselves to things. Don't remove them. Just leave them there. Put in a diversion over the pavement or whatever and drive round them. They will soon get hungry and pissed off.

  2. Pro tip: Take an empty toothbrush container, place a metal straw in there & carry it with you – problem solved. No more soggy straws and no one can say nothing because it's metal not plastic. Plus it's probably healthier than those god knows what's in them paper straws.

  3. Funny all the things people have been doing for decades, such as cold showers or shaking a duvet cover, suddenly lead to heart attacks. Has nothing whatsoever to do with the experiment the majority of the country took, right?

  4. Maybe they should just bring out a chainsaw next time someone cements their hand to a road claiming that cyanoacrylate soaks the hand and everyone knows that cyanide is poisonous.

  5. the ideate how used concrete will probably have medical problem's now and how will have to pay?
    well at least he will have an excuse not to work and claim disability.

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