Trying to Talk to The Tolerant Left


Afghan video is on the way bros, will also peg the merch to subscribe star stuff soon so keep an eye on the community posts on this channel if you want some stuff.

The stuff will include headbands/suit pins/Soviet war medals/Shirts/hats/military patches and rugs.

So hopefully there will be something for everyone.


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  1. They argue about how they feel about what was said,
    not what simply was said. So if i walked up to a guy with a brain and said that he's fat, go to the gym, he'd agree and be like yearh you're right I'll go to the gym. A tolerant left's answer is being offended because it is uncomfortable.
    Bi*** grab hold of your ass and stop whining

  2. Dude the part where you got him to move his sign up and down to the beat of the rage against the machine song was hilarious

    Also… the fact that these people think of themselves as revolutionaries and that rage against the machine are revolutionary when unironically agitating in favor of the machine is priceless

  3. It is much easier to find comfort in the false notion that these are in fact NPC's receiving their lines of dialogue from nefarious sources, than it is to accept the reality that these fellow human beings have been parasitized by such transparent and flawed ideologies.

  4. It's easy to see why decent people hate Internationalist Communists as they are even more like Islamists than even UK Conservatives, and that's saying something as UK Conservatives have a huge amount in common with Islamists… As a Libertarian Nationalist Centrist both sides are as embarrassment..

    At least that awful Globalist 'overseer' of the UK of GB (an ANTINATIONAL Globalist uber-org) is finally DEAD.. The head bitch that oversaw the biggest MASS INVASION of the Little England in its long history. As bad as Thatcher's de-industrialisation of Britain, followed through by Tory Bliar… They all hate English Natives who they judge by the worst of us, not Average English Joe or the Best of British..

  5. This is a good example of why I need calm dudes like y'all to do this kind of thing. Useless cop standing there or no, that son of a bitch touched me or my camera once, and he wouldn't have touched anyone like a cunt at a protest ever again.

  6. I've watched your videos and I have to ask which side are you on? I personally abhore the left I think they are spineless pseudo intellects that do everything to help perpetrators escape an justice for their behaviour or transgressions.

  7. "You're a nobody"
    – Some random communist, covering his face from a camera and attempting to obfuscate crimes from his nobody comrades.

    Sad part is that they are probably hired opposition trying to hide their identity so that they are less likely to be spotted at the next event they get paid to attend.

  8. The reason the protesters keep these plaques in front of cameras is because they know there is only half a dozen of paid people there. It's how the Elites override The People.

  9. that guy with the board hit your camera man 4/6 times why isn't he in hospital ? if its only for ?????? what i have no idea but keep it real no way would any man human god angel anything allow that shit no matter what…. even more so its filmed

  10. m8 after seeing the full video I'm sorry looking at how you was dressed some of the things you said about afghan pls don't post again i understand you and your feelings but still the invasion of OUR country isn't right maybe you try look into that for England and the English of every colour and race

  11. The droids/NPCs can't talk to you because if you tell them information that contradicts their programming then their software will suffer a logical error that will cause them great discomfort.

  12. The “tolerant left” are anything but tolerant. From what I’ve seen/heard they are nothing but intolerant, abusive & violent! “Antifa the “Anti-fascists” what a joke those people are. They’re the real fascists. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! By the way, they’re playing Rage Against The Machine. I love their music but they fly Che Guevara flags. He was a racist, homophobic, mass murderering scumbag. Why does anyone like him? They’re so ignorant of history. Just google his name & you’ll discover all his atrocities.

  13. So instead of trying to get their message out, they just tried to block anyone from seeing it.
    Just a bunch of attention seekers, who want to appear edgy like a teenage emo.

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