Tucker Carlson Calls On Adam Schiff To RESIGN, Leaked Call Shows Obama And Democrats PANICKING

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  1. Tim, you need to watch Yuro Bezmenov’s youtube videos about the soviet union’s plans and tactics on subversion. He goes into great detail describing the mindset of useful idiots and the futility in changing their mind. The soviet union collapsed but they managed to inflict us with an insidious poison that is almost impossible to recover from. :^/

  2. I like tim, ..but he frustrates me. He's late on everything. He just repeats or recites other people's work..and, his commentary isn't very astute. He makes big bucks doing this. I guess he worked hard to pave his path, & found a recipe that works, rinse & repeat. I'm sure it's hard work producing vids everyday. Maybe his info is 1st hand for most of the viewers so in that case..I'm glad people are getting the info. Maybe I'm just weird..cuz styx irritates me too. He's gotten pretty self-important&swell-headed.
    Whatever.. fuck Lemon, Schiff and Pelosi and the rest of the lying ass liars

  3. Google Pinocchio’s brother, and there’s a picture of Shifty Schiff looking right back at you. ???????? Shifty Schiff aka “THE LYING KING!” (Yep… The King of Lies).

  4. Democrats are the sack of shit party and would happily murder thousands of Americans to regain power which shows what sadistic bastards they are !!

  5. Who created the bogusness? Who broke the "story?" Why is who broke this "story" not facing consequences? Heh. They are, behind the scenes. There are a handful of decent journalists left. They owe us ridicule of their dishonest peers.

  6. "I think what is driving the left insane is that they're inundated with internet content" What you are describing, Tim, is found in A Brave New World. In which the user is bombarded with content (mostly useless) and information. It's meant to disillusion the user and further keep him from learning anything substantial.