Tucker Carlson Defends Hunter Biden, Tells People Not to Hit a Man Who is Down (I was Right!)

NOOOOOOO not the heckin hunterino! Noooo you can’t criticize the hypocrisy of his dad being the architect of the tough on crime era while his son was smoking crack and playing with underaged girls nooooo!:


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  1. Let's be realistic, In my opinion, I would say to at least some extent, he was urged to stand down by Fox and likely by Biden's wife whom he thinks a great deal of.

  2. This is actually a beautiful illustration of why i chose paganism over Christianity and never looked back. Theyre soft styx… theyre all gooey and spineless when it comes down to it. I like tucker… wont lie about it. And i love a lot of christians very dearly. But i read a bit of how lenins mind worked… i knew if i was to beat him and his ilk the turn the other cheek method was hopelessly ineffective. Regardless of what becomes of my "soul" i wont tolerate that kind of cowardice within myself. I have an ominous feeling michigan will get very dangerous after the election… whitmer will probably feel pretty isolated and desperate, and that terrifies me.

  3. I mean "Who is paying his salary?" I think Biden 'et al' have escaped 47 years of criticism. "Tucker, I'm sure could squeak away a livelihood on his $million dollar$ salary! It could support him and his family for life! I was really caught off guard with his comment!! This is politics-Tucker- BIG TIME!" Not 'Let's bake an apple pie for Gramma'-TIME! It really gave me a 2nd look at this fellow……..I'm not buying his 'NEWS' AGAIN! I can see the 'big guys' sweating bullets that by God – perhaps some truth escaped and fell onto the 'ears' of the public! PHEW! close call..Thanks Tucker!

  4. Tucker was just playing the better man. And he is the better man. Killing the left with sympathy… that must make them gnash their teeth

    Can you IMAGINE if Trumps sons did this? It would be an onslaught.

  5. He wasn't "defending" Hunter Biden, he merely stated that Hunter isn't running for President and documents pertaining to Joe Biden and Hunter's business dealings abroad and favors done on behalf of Joe will be the primary focus. Tucker wants to talk about the elephant in the room, and you want him to talk about the crack pipe on the table. You're also being hyperbolic again, like when you use the asinine talking point of "life sentence for smoking a joint" shit.

  6. Makes you wonder if Tucker doesn't have some "demons" of his own which we don't know about – YET! When you defend a scumbag like Hunter Biden you make people wonder about you.

  7. Styx, I think it MIGHT be because Hunter flipped on his dad. If that's the case, he would be responsible for the stuff coming out, and, in that context, imo be somewhat redeemed for his past behavior. And that could be why some people, even Rudy, keep poining out that Hunter is, to a certain degree, a victim. Now let me be clear. I am absolutely aware that this is a very far-fetched theory, but I think it deserves consideration as a potential possibility.