Tucker Carlson FIRED from Fox News? Is it the END of Fox? Probably… Viva & Barnes!

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Written by Viva Frei


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  1. Fox News are going to start losing their rating and rightfully so, Mr Tucker was not afraid to speak the truth this man had balls yes I hope that Fox News start losing a lot of their rating.

  2. Fox exercised “editorial control” over the January 6th tapes. The first couple of nights we saw shocking footage and then new material just stopped. Following coverage was just re-hashing the initial moments of video despite the thousands of hours made available after being hidden for over 2 years. In short, I think Tucker got the boot because he wanted to expose the truth about one of the most successful propaganda operations in history.

  3. I can't believe people with better moral compasses won't come forward and start shedding light on what this administration is doing to the American people .the corruption is hurting us all America is not supposed to be like this.

  4. TUCKER poked the hornets nest – the EVIL CABAL. Listen to his April 21st Heritage Foundation speech. He dared to say it all out loud. He said that all Media are all "point scoring" arguing the "petty" day-to-day things. The scatter. He said this, they said that – all day, every day. TUCKER asked the million $ question. He asked "WHO IS PULLING THE STRINGS BEHIND THE SCENES"? Controlling everyone & everything. He just became VERY DANGEROUS! And we all know WHO THEY are – the multi-generational Banking Families who OWN everything with their TRILLIONS that they have looted over Centuries. Until they are brought to heel – NOTHING WILL CHANGE

  5. Cracks me up that Barnes called Tucker a prep school conservative. When I heard he was taking over O'Reilly's spot, I remember being like, "They're gonna give the prime time slot to the dude from Fox and Friends that looks like if prep school was a guy?"

  6. So Robert is suggesting that Tucker might have taken a payout to keep silent? If true then, how much money can one person need/desire? This seems to be the fundamental problem with neoliberalism(even if I'm wrong about Tucker) : there seems to be no social check on the accumulation of private wealth…

  7. I watched Tucker, not Fox…Tucker punched holes in the false narrative that is known as J6. He shed light on the lies while putting forward exculpatory evidence that those held in prison were denied in court. It's that simple….he angered people in very high places with the truth. Made those in power real nervous. Fox rather then say ok, fine, if we are in the wrong …prove it but till then we stand behind our number 1 guy. But they buckled. This is why journalism in the msm in America is dead. This is why Tucker was fired.

  8. If you watch old videos of Tucker, he wasn't even conservative. He was more leftist/libertarian. He liked Soetoro and thought there was no mystery to his heritage and his background didn't need to be investigated. There are many videos out there where he said he loves Obama. Recently, he called out J6 for the fraud it is, and the elite didn't like that. They need the insurrection angle for power. It was nothing more than trespassing and some property damage with most people walking through taking photos. A real insurrection will start with groups of states that use the national guard and local militias.

  9. I'm trying to find Tucker's interview with a representative of the Trump lawyer team (probably Sidney Powell). It's been about half an hour and I still can't find it. After that interview, Tucker was mocked by magas and the whole narrative moved to Newsmax. Please, does anyone have a link?

  10. IMO his last opening monologue was a big straw in his firing! His firing was a message to anyone else who dares question! Decide for yourself. This was Tucker’s opening monologue for Friday’s show. “Sometimes u wonder just how filthy and dishonest our news media are. You’ll be in the shower and think, they’re bad but how bad are they? Well here’s one measure of their badness. You can try this at home. Ask yourself, is any news organization so corrupt that it’s willing to hurt you on behalf of its biggest advertisers? Anyone who would do that is obviously Pablo Escobar level corrupt, and should not be trusted. What would it look like, That level of corruption? Well imagine that the Trump administration had made it mandatory for American citizens to buy ‘My Pillow’. That’s one of Fox News’s biggest advertisers. Imagine if the administration declared that if you didn’t rush out and buy at least one ‘My Pillow’ and then at least another booster pillow, you would not be allowed to eat out, you couldn’t re-enter your own country, you couldn’t have a paying job. My Pillow, they told you with a straight face, was the vary lynchpin of our country’s public health system. Now imagine as they told you that, that Fox as a news organization endorsed it, and amplified the government’s message. Imagine if Fox News attacked anyone who refused to buy ’My Pillow’ as an ally of Russia, as an enemy of science? And then imagine if Fox News kept up those libelous attacks even as evidence mounted that ‘My Pillow’ caused heart attacks, fertility problems, and death. If Fox News did that, what would you think of Fox News? Would you trust us? Of course you wouldn’t! You would know that we were liars! Thank heaven Fox News never did anything like that, but the other channels did. The other channels took hundreds of millions of dollars from Big Pharmaceutical companies, and then they shilled for their sketchy products on air, and as they did that, they maligned anyone who was skeptical of those products. At the very least, this was a moral crime. It was disgusting, but it was universal, it happened across the American news media. They all did it! So at this point the question isn’t who in public life is corrupt? Too many to count! The question is; Who is telling the truth? There not many of those. One of them is Robert F Kennedy Jr. Robert Kennedy knew early that the COVID vaccines were both ineffective and potentially dangerous, and he said so in public to the extent he was allowed. Science has since proven Robert F Kennedy Jr right! Unequivocally right, but Kennedy was not rewarded for this. He was vilified. He was censored. Because he dared to criticize their advertisers, the news media called Bobby Kennedy a Nazi, and then they attacked his family, but he kept doing it, and he was not intimidated, and we were glad he wasn’t. This is one of those moments when it’s nice to have a truth teller around, it’s helpful, because suddenly the stakes are very high.”

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