Tucker Carlson Loses Advertisers As Culture Revolution Escalates, Even Paw Patrol Is Not Safe

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  1. is it really pulling advertisers if they accidently ran adds on your show in the first place? and Disney is an SJW cespool anyway so who would even be surprised?

  2. "If you're on the left, and the left wins, then you're fine."
    Tell that to all the destroyed & deplatformed people from the left who were stabbed in the back by other leftists. The left is not a "safe bet". They are a bunch of lunatics who will never be satisfied, and always crave more power & destruction. The only way we are getting out of this is if everyone stands up to them and tells them that we aren't taking their mob tactics & cancel culture BS any longer.

  3. Cancer culture is not and never will be sustainable. Every time they "cancel" a person, place or thing people enjoy they end up losing support. Almost half the shows and movies coming out of Hollywood is cop/fbi related. Imagine if The rookie, NCIS, CSI, and the 9201 other shows all got cancelled. The apolitical people would go "wait why" we would then explain it to them and then they'd turn around and hate the morons responsible for it. They'll dislike them even more when it's for dumb reasons.

  4. Screw Disney they are a disgrace and walt would be ashamed how they are using his name to not support family tradition. And t nowhere… enough said. And i had annual passes for my family of five fit years until they started going this way last year. Ihonestly hope Disney goes bankrupt pushing this nonsense!

  5. He's the last hope of free think and must stay on. Why is the entire media empire so afraid of one guy? Are they not confident in their message that they're trying to get out there?

  6. 15:30 Well of course a KIDS SHOW is going to show good example of characters. What do these people want? KIDS SHOWS showing bad cops taking bribes and roughing up people?
    19:05 The scariest words one can hear(paraphrased) are "we're from the chaz police and we're here to help!"

  7. i've seen things like this somewhere in history books…. i believe it was nazi germany where people were forced to behave and think a certain way….

  8. If I were Fox news, I would ask people that watch them to boycott all the companies employing fascism to control the flow of information, as well as send "peaceful" letters pointing out their fascist behavior.

  9. It’s just a stunt to get the Antifa off your back. Advertisers proclaim they are dropping a show and then quietly pick it back up a few weeks later. The real problem is if the leftists get through to the Fox executives. They have no morals beyond the profit motive.

  10. Imagine a world where the ability to meaningfully communicate with each other within a community didn't depend on any given platform allowing it. How does the world need to change for this to be a reality?

  11. I can't imagine a firefighter showing up to my burning house, immediately getting in my face trying to get me to admit fault (or find some other way in which I've violated some real or imagined law), then burying an axe in my dog's head for barking at the lights, sirens, and strangers that just showed up. While I've never had a police officer kill my dog, I have had all of the other things occur. I want police forces to be staffed by people who genuinely want to protect and serve.

  12. Hannity and Ingram feel dislikable. Hannity really lays in annoying insults. He will insult someone 3x in a sentence. He can't just bring up a name and it feels overdone. Ingram feels very smug with her monologues. Tucker's delivery feels much better.