Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/2/22 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS December 2, 2022

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/2/22 FULL
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Written by Habibe Ruya


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  1. Sorry to say this Tucker but the American government is the biggest organized crime family in history. They make the Italian mafia look like angels. People will only put up with this stuff for so long. It’s been proven that when Americans don’t like what’s being shoved down their throats. They start pushing back.

  2. Will Democrats ever feel any embarrassment, if I were in their party I would be so ashamed being so pathetic. I'm not saying Republicans are even that much better but the Democrats should try and remove their heads from their ass

  3. Apple's Tim Cook was definitely in every bit of this scandal, it's the reason why he threatened musk to take the twtr app off the apple app store!!!!!, Tim Cook is only one of hundreds of media who have been intertwined in this trample of our first amendment rights to free speech

  4. What bull crap can't we atleast find a decent president not a perfect one's because we all know that's impossible but atleast one who does care honestly about the country and atleast care for the people and make sure the people are taken to

  5. Biden, DNC, FBI/KGB, DOJ, all Dem elected officials, along with many, many RINO's, should be investigated by special council and held accountable, until they are there is zero faith in our current government! It is all a shame, illegal, banana government owned and operated by the evil leftist progressive liberals!

  6. Our civil rights are being taken away from the top all the way down there's so many corrupt politicians police departments oh you name it it runs like I said it runs from the top down disgusting world we live in people

  7. You tube censored the crap out of this pod cast, I was really looking forward to hearing Hillary's and Barracks fake southern draw! What a joke, why do supposed sensible honest, educated people fall for this stupid shit? Just saying!

  8. Face it. After four years of planning, there is NO report, of ANY kind, no matter how shocking the FACTS that would have changed the Democrat/RINO/Deep State's PRE-PLANNED, DESIRED (OBVIOUSLY frau du lent) "Results" of the 2020 Presidential "sElection."🙏♥️🇺🇲✌

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