Tucker Carlson UNPHASED By ‘Nationalist’ Comments, Knows He Has The ‘Right Enemies’

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky explain why Tucker Carlson dismissed claims in the New York Times that he is an “American nationalist”

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  1. Truth and fact are not subjective to the people that are involved in the scenarios of those truths and facts. If the democratic party had more Black people in it, that wouldn’t suddenly make it more true or more factual information in regards to your argument against Tucker Carlson. The amount of people in one political party doesn’t somehow make something truthful or factual not truthful or factional anymore. Truth and facts are not subjective

  2. White peoples are no authority on their on behavior! They all are trying to minimize their power hold! This whole entire system is racial white ethno state! It’s funny humorous when whites folks try to distance themselves from their racist system that they uphold

  3. No, there's no "accepted view of racist" of the past few decades that has ever applied to anything I know of that Carlson has said. And what's more, he clearly is NOT racist. Racist is not words, either way…it is the belief that one race is inherently inferior to another. That is not a believe he ever has appeared to subscribe to, or espouse.

    Now in the past THREE years, an absolutely deranged, hatemonger definition of "racist" has indeed become more common, that does apply to things Carlson said. But that definition of "racist" — a cis white male talking about a member of any other group else in anything but a subservient way — is so bad that being accused of it is a GREAT thing, that we all should be proud to achieve.

  4. Ryan says “we” have a collective idea of what constitutes racism. We do not. And there is radically lower level of agreement today on the nature of racism with the spread of “systemic racism” as (nebulous) concept and its substantial influence in redefining the word. (Witness the common assertion that “black people can’t be racist”, in reference to individual behaviors, speech and disposition: “bigoted, not racist” we hear.) This question of what is and isn’t racism is a core question here. This isn’t a settled one, but a crucial open question under discussion. C’mon man.

  5. "We" never determined Tucker's actions are "racist". Only the Left agreed to it, not the other 67% of America, Republicans and (most importantly) Independents.

  6. 😂 Hilarious how you started with what & how you think people should think, no manipulation there 🤦 giving Tucker a point as to not appear completely biased, without playing what he said 🤷
    Then move right into why the Democrats definition is correct, without defining what that is 😂 thanks I don't think I need you or Tucker to tell me anything on what to think.
    Go do something meaningful with your life, we don't need you !!!
    No I didn't vote for either candidate, no I don't watch Tucker, no I won't be voting in the future bogus elections.
    I'm Native American Indian, still waiting for you to cover buying our ballots for $200 at election time

  7. Racism: Judging a person based solely on the color of their skin or ethnic background.

    That's the only definition of racism I'll accept.

  8. Maybe Democrats need to shed black people as the ones the Democrats get exercised about to call everyone racists, and then if they were calling people racists for their opinions on Australian aboriginals, who are hardly represented in America at all and so there would not be a danger of aboriginals shedding the Democratic Party in mass numbers, then Democrats could still go about accusing others of being racists without (a) coming off as just being jerks (b) having their "racists" diatribes undercut by a large number of aboriginals wanting to shed the Democratic Party.

  9. just at the opening statement of this video I totally freaking disagree! it's not about Tucker not liking in York Times and that's what makes him popular it is his opinion and what he believes that makes him popular.

  10. Facts are there any time that any blacks or involved in anything Tucker calls it out in a racially form that you guys pretend that you don't see it but we definitely do. Especially when it comes to voting rights and how things has been blocked off from black voters again in Georgia and the Southern States… key Indulgence his cell phone getting off on how he puts words so you the True Believers can make it look like no we need facts quote on quote cuz that's what you guys will do. You don't want to shed the True Light and call him out because you're making America white more in white again and doing it secretly by doing this type of thing now you're backing away like the Republican said Democrat followers that know what's right is right now you're making what white is right. Keep it up you're all in it together it doesn't even matter anymore it's been proven with mrs. Marjorie Taylor Greene today walking away from something she incited you guys are not even bothered by that.

  11. Reporters? The media of today gave up all pretense of journalism years ago. Let's stop calling them reporters and be real. They are political hacks with an audience, nothing more.

  12. I do love how the actual racist thing done is never talked about. Makes it difficult to take any thing Ryan says, or the left says, seriously. At NO POINT, in this video was there ever any example of a racist thing said or thought by Tucker. How do you think you win arguments like this, Ryan? Just say some vague things and say that everyone agrees. I'm not white, and I don't agree with you Ryan, and I bet alot of other minorities don't agree with what some white guy thinks everyone thinks.

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