Tucker Carlson’s Hungarian Adventure

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  1. Better Hungary had dealt with Soros before he metastasized into the world. I don't normally advocate for abortion, but in his case it would have been a net gain.

  2. Because of what happened to a certain group of people in WW II in the eastern bloc, such as Hungary and Poland, there is a precious few of them there to infect the country with cultural marxism. They historically have been the progenitors of this ideology. That is the reason why the eastern bloc nations do not have their systems taken over like all other western countries. It's not just that the people reject it because they reject communism, you will not find it in the universities. It's not on their TV. It is not in the public schools. It is not in their media. The source for it was wiped out.

  3. What's happening at the southern border of America is literally crimes against humanity and it should cause Biden to not only be Impeached but prosecuted along with Kamala Harris. Besides the murder rates and people dying at records never before witnessed, let's talk about literally ALL young women who are sexually violated by those flooding them into America and then given a plan B package…Only to then cross the border into America to either possibly find freedom, but most likely find their way into some sex trafficking ring or being sexually abused by Americans who do no differently than the coyotes because there is no oversight of these monsters in official capacity.

  4. These are not propagandists, these are the products of propaganda. Aaron Rupar is not smart enough to realize he's giving away the games secrets, the Democrat cheat codes, the product of propaganda actually believe in the lies they've been spoon fed and cannot pivot and obfuscate where necessary. Hence is why when it comes to propaganda there is always a generational gap.

  5. Merely changing "Hungary" to "the US" and Orban's party to a particular American party with blue ties would get this article declared "fake conspiracy theory Qanon neo-nazi propaganda" lol

  6. I remember that case with the six year old Carl mentioned (I heard about it from watching him in fact) and the most sickening part was the attacker claimed it was a “sexual emergency” because he hadn’t had sex in a while — apparently their religion bans masturbation but not child r/ape. That case has always stuck with me too and is a permanent reminder as to why cultural “tolerance” and mass immigration has to be fought against no matter what.

  7. Had to explain on Facebook that Hungary is not Germany in 1941 and Tucker Carlson in not Lord Haw Haw. I am not aware of Hungary having killed anyone or invaded any other country since Orban took over./// The Middle East has always been chaotic since WW1.What has changed is the softening of the borders and the ease of movement.

  8. Since 2016 I’ve said Hungery will be the western mans last salvation. They make decision based on the good of their country, they embrace a common alignment of morals and ethics, and stood up to the EUs left lunacy. There is a story of a loud EU activist that pushed for the acceptance of the mass migration learning her lesson when rapes and crimes are out of control moved to Hungary. If I had the means I’d go. Call me racist or sexist or anti Muslim, whatever. But I think anyone wanting to live were they agree with the religion are not shamed for their race or sex is natural. If it’s hell filled with racists people would leave.

  9. Hungarian here, while I am not a fan of Orbán, I can say, he made the right choices regarding border/migration issues. In 2015 I was working in a hotel near one of the major train stations of Budapest, which the migrants physically blocked/occupied in hopes of getting to Germany. Many times the police was on site to re-establish order. Many international tv crews were on site, but they were portraing the situation one-sided as it gets, in favour of the "poor migrants, who were fleeing from war, in hopes of the better life". Bullshit, I say.
    Also some of the newer news regarding the chinese university (Fudan University) campus controversy is bollocks as well. I checked, according to the latest list I found there are 16 foreign unis/colleges operating in Hungary, Fudan is one of them. The others are western european, american and some asian, so it is mildly amusing to call us sellout for the chinese.

  10. the fact is , in my experience most of the Baltic and black sea nations in Europe are far BETTER holiday destinations then Spain or Greece etc , less pickpockets less rapists less runs !! good food m beer thats like rocket fuel !! and lovely beaches , historic cities and friendly people who are happy to see a British person for a change !!