Tucker Exposes Major Bank Giving Private Data To Feds To Bypass 4th Amendment Right, Fascism Is Here

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  1. Fascism is a modified version of Socialism, created by a couple of Marxist. Gentillie and Mussolini realized nationalism motivated their people more than did class envy and Crony Capitalism worked better than government owning the entire economy. The biggest lie of the 20th century is calling Fascism and Naziism Right Wing.

  2. Has anyone listen to Joe rogan bullshit thoughts on the ppl at the capital. Pretty much calling them all out of shape morons, and they were calling for and trying to kill Nancy Pelosi. I'm done listening to jre ive listened for a long time but he's going farther to the left.

  3. Just saying: The people of BLM and ANTIFA burned buildings, intimidated people, intimidated businesses for money or they will attack it, took over government buildings, had representative threaten to burn down the American system and openly call for the destruction of a law system that would stop them. Nothing happens.
    Conservatives gather together a few times and Media calls them domestic terrorist, then many people get on the capital steps and about 100 people enter the actual building. They are not only going after these people but major corporations and freely offering all information on these people and The Media is yelling it from every platform.

  4. You ever think about how these people would call the founders of our country white supremacist, they even say the concepts themselves are white supremacist. So maybe it's about time people realize THEY are the problem, they can leave whenever they want, and they can start their fascist communist blended woke country somewhere else!

  5. Words in the constitution matter, ots says the may make am8to the constitution to expand rights, it does not say they could amend the Bill of Rights , words matter in law. They with no amount of votes can amend the Bill of Rights its separate from the constitution.

  6. Who is shocked by this though? In every movie ever for the past 3+ decades the fugitive doesn't use credit cards for a reason lol. C'mon guys…

  7. You say that like it is something new. How many millions of people have voluntarily given up their 4th Amendment rights for the past 20 years just to get on a damn airplane? Buying a plane ticket is not reasonable cause to suspect someone of being a terrorist.

  8. Canada declares proud boys terrorists.
    This gives the Biden administration and these megacorps carte blanche to go after the proud boys because even though they aren't considered terrorists in the U.S, Canada will demand to work with the Joint Terrorism Task Force to bring them down. Biden wipes his hands clean "We were just helping the Canadian military with an operation, we're not going after Americans."

    Will Canada declare Trump supporters terrorists?

  9. I have had an MP give me some trouble on base when I brought my rifle in to register it with them due to living in military housing, the reason was because he didn't understand why I would own a Russian SKS rifle. Luckily his Sergeant came over, sent him away, and talked to me and actually was interested in the rifle.

  10. Its a violation of The 4th amendment as google is a subsidiary of The government, akin to a contractor making any information they obtain illegal.

  11. If the common man gave a speech and said when we get over there you got to fight like hell for ur freedoms, now an average person says this and are not the president, and a riot happened what would the police state do to then that human.

  12. I never liked that phrase “ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.” To me, it seems like the perfect excuse, I mean how can you know you’ve broken a law if you don’t know said law exists? Also, I don’t believe any weapon should be illegal to own or purchase, period

  13. The Divided States of America already exists in a dictatorship that is just growing in power as it illegalizes freedom and liberty to condemn and persecute political opponents. Congratulations, your establishment crooked politicians did it, with the help of far left.

  14. Oh and Google wants me to use there bank shit? Why so I can violate the community guidelines on YouTube and then you can just take all my money from my bank account? No thank you Google I'll pass

  15. If you’re saying you are for abolition and yet you want the capitol rioters in prison, all that means is your a hypocrite with no principles and all you care about is getting your way, but you dress it up with ideals to make your “cause” seem righteous, when really ur just an immature child throwing a fit and saying whatever to get your way.

  16. Banking information is supposed to be as sacred as medical, if not more so. There is no excuse for Bank of America's actions. This is the same as exposing illegally obtained tax documents. "Fruit of the poisoned tree".

  17. This is ridiculous place to go..but even white supremacists are humans who deserve the same rights as any other hateful person like ex wives or black supremacists. But then again these same people are into eugenics and full term abortion so no life matters to them but their own

  18. All those people who never read the gulag archipelagoe, or 1984, farenheit 451, animal farm, etc……must be very confused, and frightened.

    You begged for this, you don't get sympathy.

  19. “Some people described it as….”

    Yeah. The communists description of fascism should be the one we go by.

    “Fascist were trying to rapidly expand outside of their countries “

    No they weren’t. The Communists were The ones who are rapidly advancing from country to country.

  20. in 2007 Jonah Goldberg wrote a book, Liberal Fascism, The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Change.
    It describes this in great detail, for example:
    The American Left believes in free health care and guaranteed jobs. They want to confiscate inherited wealth and spend vast sums on public education. They want to purge the church from public policy, promoted a new form of pagan spirituality, and insert the authority of the state into every nook and cranny of daily life. They declared war on smoking, supported abortion, euthanasia, and gun control. They loath the free market, provide generous pensions for the elderly, and try to maintain strict racial quota system in their universities—where campus speech codes are all the rage. They love organic farming and alternative medicine. 
    Guess who had the identical policies? 
    The Nazis.
    The Left has always had Fascist tendencies, but hides them under other terms, they are masters of the dictionary, look at recent redefining of so many words, phases and symbols by the left to make them seem like hate terms. 

    They accuse the Right of being what they themselves are.