Tucker Just Confirmed What We All Knew About Biden Since The Start!


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  1. So I've been listening to your channel for maybe a month now. One thing has become clear. You seem to believe a man with virtually no cognitive abilities is responsible for all of this along with the others put in place??? Really??? Without looking into the background??? Well I have three words for you, (Obama, Weather underground, Ayers.) All 3 are majorly connected.

  2. You call Biden a Broken record but I think that fits Mrs. Vice President of tautology club far better.

    "We must work together so we can work together and in order to do that we must work together."

  3. I have worked with doctors and other nurses with dementia patients. Being a retired nurse it is VERY recognizable and, sidekick to Obama, Brandon is clearly not running this country. Maybe everytime he goes to Delaware they pump him up with meds via I.V. Then before his outlandish performance give more mixture of meds. Eventually these meds do NOT work. Probably why he does not take questions or has cue cards. But this fails him too. Shame on his family!! All over the world Brandon is the butt of laughs. Wake up Americans or we are doomed.

  4. Knowing just a little of how powerful people and groups interact with each other (I've been recounted incidents from actual participants), I would not be surprised at all if the Saudis were playing the old fool merely as an ongoing joke amongst themselves. Powerful families train their children from birth to manipulate people. That is how they socially interact in a very primary way. And in a sense, life for them is a hybrid of chess and poker. It was very hard for me to understand this until I'd actually been on the receiving end of a setup and betrayal by one of these people, and that was after a few years of exposure to their ways. Any decent person is going to logically understand what I've just said, but probably not truly understand it because it just doesn't register at a core level when one has integrity.

  5. Tucker was one of those who scoffed at the election being stolen,I only watch this because it's hivemind,I don't watch Tucker anymore,neither turncoat hannity.

  6. Where's the push and holler from the left regarding bidens failures,they after all called Trump out on his every decision.Which benefitted Americans.
    LET'S GO BRANDON!!!!!!!

  7. I’m from a seaside town in 🇬🇧 and I listen to this guy to keep up with American 🇺🇸 politics…. Bloody brilliant mate… I took care of my nana who had dementia and this is what she was like in the beginning… they fall apart pretty quickly and to say that Biden is only half way through his presidency is absolutely terrifying. It’s not just America where prices have risen it’s happened here in UK too. He’s an absolute joke!

  8. JB : Forever delusional , despicable , untruthful , untrustworthy , uninspiring , unscrupulous and supremely UNWORTHY ( of everything but our contempt ) !!!!

  9. When Im a little bored I come to youtube because I know there will be some new video of old brandon doing something amusing. You know, now that the US f.-d up the world completely, at least it gives a little back in the form of a few laughable moment.

  10. Every single thing the left describes of others as ridiculous, they and their people are the very same. Every thing they accuse of with others are the exact things they practice and they do it in spades.

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