Tucker: This is the most deranged story in history

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host slams the Biden administration for considering reparation payments to illegal immigrants. #FoxNews #Tucker

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Written by Fox News

FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. A top cable network in both total viewers and Adults 25-54, FNC has been the most-watched news channel in the country for almost two decades and according to Public Policy Polling is the most trusted television news source in the country. FNC is available in more than 89 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching 12 of the top 15 programs in the genre.


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  1. Work hard to take care of your family and the government seems like they hate you, if you come here illegally and break the law you get a free home free food and all your bills paid for. USA government does not care about its people at all and they don’t care if we know it. Because what are we going to do about it? They can take our homes and take our kids and put us in prison or on the streets if they wish and we don’t follow the craziness of being a slave to them and we are just that, we are money making cattle and nothing more, and the second you stop putting food on the governments plate they don’t care if you die and would rather you do die so they can steal your social security and not need to give you what owed to you.

  2. Tucker could talk all night about f@$% ALL, he spins a 2 minute story into a bedtime story, I actually tape him, put it on my ipod and listen to it in bed, next thing I know it's morning and he's still f@$%ing talking !!

  3. And I still haven't gotten Medicare after having a car crush me as I was sitting at a stop sign.. I have worked all my life in America and their going to give my medical coverage to someone who has never worked here.

  4. as a natural-born retired taxpayer, i am offended! how much is the government going to pay me for being offended by the government i pay taxes to every year? i should get $1,000,000.00 per year for the rest of my life! oh wait–i'm white. never mind.

  5. WE,, the American people, need to organize ourselves, arm ourselves and protect each other. It has become perfectly clear that our government will not!!
    WE need to personally defend our northern and southern borders from sea ro shining sea .

  6. The whole idea is ludricous! First off, in most cases it's not the families themselves that are even filing the lawsuits. It's the ACLU and various attorneys who are trying to find the supposed missing parents to offer their services to file lawsuits. The irony is, they can't find the parents are because most of those children never came with their parents to begin with!! Instead, they were brought across by Coyotes and men who just dropped them off once they got across the border with the children and then went on their way. So, they don't really even know which children or how many of them actually came with their parents! The whole thing is a scam being run by lawyers who know the Biden administration and the Justice Dept will just go along with the whole thing.

  7. Two Fox News commentators resign over Tucker Carlson series on the Jan. 6 siege:
    I predict that Fox 🦊 News 🗞 will not be in Business by this time next year they have lost most of their viewers who have good common sense. At present their only viewer are people who are poorly edgamacated still watching tube TV 📺 over the air.

  8. And now some truth.- “$450,000 per person? Is that what you’re saying?” Mr. Biden said when asked by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy about the payments. “That’s not going to happen.”

  9. How the F! can anyone take Tucker (Propagandist) Carlson seriously. Are US citizens really that stupid? Get a grip people! Grow a brain! This guys is a shameless propagandist of the same ilk as Joseph Geobbels! If you haven’t made the connection, now’s your opportunity! Do some reasearch!!!!!! It ain’t hard!!!!!!!!

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