Tucker: What is a woman?

Fox News host gives his take on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson not defining what a woman is on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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Written by Fox News

FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. A top cable network in both total viewers and Adults 25-54, FNC has been the most-watched news channel in the country for almost two decades and according to Public Policy Polling is the most trusted television news source in the country. FNC is available in more than 89 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching 12 of the top 15 programs in the genre.


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  1. She's just another woke liberal to which Biden wanted in the seat. Fully supports blm and lgtbq. Probably happy Auqa'ma'am won the swimming finals as well.

  2. Can you tell me what a tree is?
    "No, I am not a botanist"
    Can you tell me what a brick is?
    "No, I am not an architect"
    Can you tell me what a book is?
    "No, I am not an novelist"

    It's like talking to a child! They know nothing.

  3. IMO Ketanji Brown Jackson just degraded all women in America, to be a women and proud and stand for yourself as a women, being a mother! and a man to stand up and declare himself as a women is total stupidity, Why do women put up with this SH$T. Also if she does not know what a women is how can she defend Women's rights?

  4. At this state, where going back to the stone age. It might be a joke, but I am serious. It only shows how dark our future is and for the children in the future. If not stoped, it only go worst. You need to stand up or no one will.

  5. Well democrats don't want any intelligent black woman on the supreme court. they just want some one who will do what she is told and protect the elites when they get caught sexually abusing minor children. everyone know's what a woman is and since she is one, how could any one trust her judgements? lmao

  6. So…someone needs to explain to Biden that him even saying positions are only going to be filled by women and a person of color, is I'm itself sexist and racists? Hiring by Merit and choosing the best person for the job is the ONLY fair and responsible way to be assured things will be done by those who WILL be able to do things safely and correctly.
    This is insane, and frankly very dangerous. All one has to do is look at Harris to understand that!

  7. As free as people think they are we are not. If she would have answered that she would have been in deep doodoo be her slave masters. She has a husband and child and knows what a woman is but simply cannot say her truth bcuz it will upset men in dresses.

  8. I know EXACTLY “ what a woman is!!!”
    …. she’s da person who cheats on you with an old boyfriend…..AFTER 22 years of marriage…. THEN….. turns your kids against you in divorce court….. takes your CARS…. home…. money…. and DIGNITY…..THAT… ladies and gentlemen….. is the definition of a “ WOMAN!!” ( you are welcome judge katanji Jackson!! )

  9. After all Biden choose her so she is so relax she know she will not loose her seat 💺 she will get there ! Biden is a disaster for America already ! Now what can we do ! That’s the spirit of every American 🇺🇸 we should save our mother land ! 🙏

  10. Change that the devil puts in peoples mind!!! Go back to the Bible! A woman is, a man is a man!!! Only woman can give birth. And they want to take that away from us? I don’t think so!!! I respect people!!! And I ask for the same respect, having given birth to 4 Beautiful children what type powered on my belly

  11. Woman…my mom, grandmother, aunt's, daughters, sisters, friends and family…..time to support constitutional freedom and respect for peace

  12. Англосаксы вырезали и травили тифом миллионы индейцев, загнали в резервации и украли у них страну, вырезали аборигенов Австралии и украли у них страну, вырезали полАфрики и крали негров, убили 10- ки миллионов китайцев в опиумных войнах, индийцев голодоморами, бомбили побежденную Японию атомными бомбами, бессмысленные ковровые бомбардировки Дрездена, травили ядохимикатами Въетнам, бомбили Югославию, Ирак, Ливию, Сирию и т д и тд. Убили Каддафи, а деньги Ливии украли, убили Саддама Хуссейна, а деньги Ирака украли, деньги Ирана украли, но пока разбомбить не получилось, профинансировали Гитлера и революцию в России и всяких террористов, мечтали вырезать россиян и украсть нашу страну. После революции 1917 года потребовали расплатиться за станки и паровозы пшеницей и намеренно устроили любимый украинцами голодомор в России. Украли деньги России, превратили Прибалтику и Украину в русофобски фашистско расистских марионеток с биолабораториями. Отмывают деньги жуликов всего мира в своих банках, а потом воруют. Вот почерк и лицо англосаксов, вот он "цивилизованный мир" Запада. Правда за Россией hfr4oihg

  13. Where was immigration service questioning agent? Why do we need immigrants to come here and change American constitution. I am an immigrant and I came here because of the constitution. The reason he is in that position is because we allowed him to be there and now we are allowing him to change our constitution.

  14. Kier Starmer the leader of the opposition party in the Uk recently stated a trans woman is a woman – hopefully this will mean no woman will vote for him at the next election.

  15. I think she was scared to say because they asked sooo!!!many dumb questions that they knew to ask this question because it's now lately hard to say that a woman that was just born as a woman is just that, because transgenders also consider themselves as women it's a I got you question because if she answered any different others would've jumped on board to talk crazy about her she already have it bad because she's black, just look at them silly, Humiliating, down grading questions and not even giving her time to answer she's good for not even going Bazark on any of them after one day of the madness.I get it they was trying make her crazy like them before she really got on board sad.

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