Tucker: Why are media pundits trying to discredit hydroxychloroquine?

If President Trump is for it, the media is against it, even if it might save American lives. #FoxNews #Tucker

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Written by Fox News

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  1. Hydroxychloroqine has been clinically tested and shown to be ineffective in treating covid-19. Americans are concerned that the US President is promoting the claims of Stella Immanuel, a charlatan who says you don't have to wear a face mask in the midst of a pandemic. Many of his supporters are following suit, contributing to the worst public health catastrophe in American history.

  2. The Trump family have financial interests in the manufacturers of Plaquenil (the brand name of hydroxychloroquine) as made by Sanofi, the French drug company.

  3. In a French study 26 patients were treated with hydroxychloroquine, alone and in combination with the antibiotic drug azithromycine.
    After some adjustments (patients removed, data points guessed), the results were published simultaneously with a paper in a peer reviewed journal that the researcher basically controls. Next, a lawyer with whom the researcher partnered with, pitched the “miracle cure” to Fox News, which is the TV channel Trump watches to get his information.
    And Trump tweeted about it.
    Chaos ensued….. People worldwide stormed pharmacies and pet shops for chloroquine, some killed themselves with aquarium cleaner, India banned chloroquine export, while national authorities including French government decided to deploy chloroquine as the medicine to treat COVID19. All based on Trump’s tweets which in turn was based on Fox News promotion of this study.
    The control patients were much older than the treated ones. Which is convenient since COVID19 is generally not as dangerous to younger persons. The average age of the control group was 53, that of hydroxychloroquine-treated group 37 years old.
    Although the study started with 26 patients in the HQ or HQ+AZ group, data from only 20 treated patients are given, because not all patients completed the 6-day study. The data for these 20 patients looks incredibly nice; especially the patients who were given both medications all recovered very fast.
    What happened to the other six treated patients? Why did they drop out of the study? Three of them were transferred to the intensive care, and one other died. The other two patients were either too nauseous and stopped the medication, or left the hospital. So 4 of the 26 treated patients were actually not recovering at all. The researcher simply removed inconvenient results from the analysis before publishing their study.

    This “study” is like conducting a test of bulletproof vests where you take 26 volunteers to wear the vests and be shot at. Two drop out because the vests make them feel claustrophobic and nauseous. The remaining 24 put on the vests and are shot. Three are sent to the hospital and one dies. You then publish the results including only the 20 survivors and state “The vests work”!!

  4. Certain diseases can cause a overreaction over your immune system known as cytokine storm,Such as COVID-19(CFR .04%-1%) ,H5N1(CFR 60%),pandemic 1918 H1N1(CFR 2.5%-20%). Hydroxychloroquine reduces the production of pro-inflamatory cytokines meaning it helps treat the cytokine storm, Meaning it has use in treatment of patients experiencing the cytokine storm

    CFR: Case Fatality Rate

  5. Brazil, where I live is the only country, rulled by someone that still preaches that hydroxychloroquine really cure coronavirus. And millions of Brazilian still believes in this mumbo-jumbo of chloroquine.

  6. Хотела послать вам японскую песню "ЦВЕТОК ЛЮБВИ", но, во-первых, ролик изменили(наверно, потому что нельзя быть красивой такой), а во-вторых, единственное, что мне удалось вырвать из жадных лап Инт-та, это прослушку. Я интересуюсь и Японией тоже, и Китаем.

  7. tucker carlson puts his viwership above being a decent American……. hey tucker, as they said during Viet nam…. "America, love it or leave it"… your general comments are harmful to America…..

  8. This recording is a year old.
    Doctor Tucker was telling us about hydroxychloroquine – a beautiful cure for covid-19.
    But hey, what ever happened to that effective treatment?
    It turned out that Doctor Tucker was a quack.

  9. Liar Your nose has something brown on it. you listen to trump. You need to be fired . All you do is report the opposite of the truth. Trump is a loser and so are you TUCKER