Tucker: Why is this happening?

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host examines the consequences of ‘negligence’ in leadership. #FoxNews #Tucker

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FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. A top cable network in both total viewers and Adults 25-54, FNC has been the most-watched news channel in the country for almost two decades and according to Public Policy Polling is the most trusted television news source in the country. FNC is available in more than 89 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching 12 of the top 15 programs in the genre.


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  1. Just to point this out somewhere on this thread– Tucker is subtly suggesting that the Union be dissolved and re-formed under separate sovereign regions/states.

    I actually agree with him. But this is actually a very radical segment, yet somehow no one is talking about the implications of what he is saying on the Union.

    GUYS, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE STATES/REGIONS LEAVING THE UNION AND REFORMING AS SOVERIGN STATES UNDER A NEW CENTRAL UNITED STATES AUTHORITY (e.g., the EU)? Can we accomplish this without a civil war? Would it be each state or multiple states together forming each new state– should it be the former or the latter to ensure good government?

  2. That's the problem with "online" communities. They're not really there. It's like a fantasy…and u trick your brain into believing it's real. Sure, it's a little helpful to get thru some hard times, but the bottom line is, most of them you'll never know or see in person. Other than a conversation, they can never help you in the physical world. And what if, the internet crashed and u couldn't meet up? Wouldn't u want some "real" community in that situation?
    It's like u said Tucker, we need to make our communities smaller…our families, our neighbors, church friends, etc. People out in cyberspace, will never be present for you in your real space. It's time to rethink our circle of community.

  3. Yes, Biden is a danger to America and the rest of the world, but he is just a stooge, he has no power, makes no decisions, he never has and he doesn't want to. The people who stole the votes to shoehorn Biden into the white house are making all the decisions, telling Joe what to do, what to say (sort of, he bumbles everything) where to go. Every member of his staff, Harris, Psaki, Pelosi Schumer, Austin, Mayorkas, Yellen, all the communists, democrats, socialists, liberals are all “backing” and propping up Joe because the handlers are directing them all. Of course Joe says the economy is "on track" that's what he is being told to say! And by "On Track" his handlers want to cause the crash of the United States! Look at all the things Joe has been directed to do since day one, add it all up, look at the global picture! Everything is happening exactly the way they plan it to happen, they want all of this chaos, mayhem, and self destructive infrastructure. When everything crashes, and I mean EVERYTHING world wide, world wide martial law can be declared, and all governments will be suspended, canceled, deleted, coup or taken over.

    Everything Biden is being told to do is ultimately planned to cause the total failure of the United States, jobs, supplies, infrastructure, everything and Elon Musk is doing everything he can to support the recovery of the United States from all the things Biden’s handlers are trying to cause.

    Biden has been cancelling, stopping, outsourcing everything in the US all the while lying,"This will create more jobs that are lost, new high paying union jobs." Which, of course never appear because it is not part of the plan of Biden's handlers.

    Biden does not care about anything except the millions he is making for his family, he is strictly pay for play. Joe made a “deal,” “You get me in the white house, I'll do what ever you want, just pay me the millions.” He does not care that everyone KNOWS he is lying all the time, he's getting the money, only has to work a couple half days a week and he is being taken care of. He does not care that he is not popular, he could be 100% hated by Americans with a 100% disapproval rating and zero approval, he is still taking in the pay for play.

  4. Secondly your fellow American your ally or your colleague coworker your partner Hannity: Biden should resign in the beginning of his video mentioned that you have fellow American warriors and green card holders Afghanistan that you wouldn't leave behind that they needed come all back I got a video of it so these Afghanistan that you brought back and you don't know if they have talibandz in there or Isis but you people have called them terrorists and just like the honorable Louis Farrakhan Muhammad has mentioned that you Americans where only there and interested in the oil or material that was in Afghanistan something valuable anywho but you left Manny Afghanistan behind and soldiers but the honorable Louis Farrakhan Muhammad has prophesied this and God almighty giving me testicles big ones I don't have a problem maybe you do and you do

  5. People throwing their trash on the ground with trash cans every twenty feet are making MY America ugly . Seems it's beneath them to pick up after themselves . Mine used to be a clean small town but with "growth " came apathy toward environment .It's not a "sanctuary " , it's more like a landfill with neon signs !

  6. Growing up as an Italian American I have been aware of everything Tucker has said my entire life. He is right, and older cultures that are in tune with their history understand this because they have already been through it. All the wisdom and knowledge he is talking about which is 100% truth already exists in most people heritages which they have forgotten or suppressed for the "shiny new America". Because new is always better apparently. I have always seen this country as a teenager compared to what Europe is. Instead of learning from thousands of years of history America has decided to make the same mistakes every other nation has made. Sad, and this is the definition of the lack of Wisdom. Our American forefathers understood these lessons but modern America has lost touch with its history and the history of its founders.

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