Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out Nancy & Congress On Ridiculous War Spending

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. Yet everyone has no issues with their taxes being raised to keep wars going and the junk which doesn’t work that the military spends and ends up on eBay. I wonder to whom all the money really goes to.

  2. Again, everyone in the “so called”, “self proclaimed” independent progressive media does a superb job explaining the problem (Jimmy Dore, Garland Nixon, etc.) but of course NEVER mentions that there is an independent, progressive, nonpartisan candidate running for President in 2024 that actually has a plan to end the corruption and U.S. war crimes. It’s almost as if independent media hosts placed their own interests above our citizens… hypocrisy?? Just like the MSM.

  3. Nancy's Catholic humanitarian mask has been selling the corporate agenda for two decades. Obama, Clinton, and all the liberal politicians are corporate wolves in sheep's clothing. They are cold-blooded sociopaths at best who live in a self-entitled bubble far, far away from the madding crowd. We can see their party down patina through a thick plateglass window sitting in their velvet seats warming their deformed grotesque faces to the burn of hard cash while life as we know it is being destroyed on every front. That goes double for the RNC.

  4. It's just like all the rest of the regime-change wars. It amounts to profits for military contractors, displaces and kills millions of families, and puts the USA consistently on the wrong side morally. But we don't care because we're making big profits. Someday American citizens MUST stand up and say NO! In the meantime, if we think we can stand up to the Russians, we are dead wrong.

  5. The U.S. is destroying Ukraine and in fact all of Europe. Thank you Joe of the Credit Card! Why are we selling the Ukrainians and the rest of Europe down the river to certain capitulation.

  6. Tulsi, MTG & even Trumpdee Dumpdee, like a broken ⏰️, r right once in a while. So depressing that lazy, binary thinkers deem someone good or bad & then think everything or nothing they say is valid

  7. I want to see the tax returns of these people in Congress that are multi-millionaires on a civil server civil servant salary that's the tax returns I want to see. Who cares about a guy that's been in business entire life. I want to see the real corrupt insider traitor crap that's going on. And I want to prosecuted for doing such crimes. Martha Stewart sent a whole bunch of time in prison for doing a fraction of what they're doing and a daily basis. There's no way to hell these people are better than Warren Buffett at picking stocks. But they're portfolio show them better because of INSIDER TRADING!

  8. How do they even figure out where all the money is going? I am sure they don't bother. Think of the money we will be sending over there to rebuild the country later on. Meanwhile the poor and middle class get audited each year by the IRS. The wealthy do not get audited as their returns our too complicated for the IRS to review.

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