Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Joe Biden

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From GetYourNewsOnWithRon.
Artwork by Storie Grubb

Written by Ron Placone

Ron Placone is a comedian, producer/writer for The Jimmy Dore Show, contributor to TYT Nation and this is his home on YouTube.


  1. There are so many of us who will not vote for Biden. End of story. We get nothing by going with the establishment Dems. Nothing. Incrementalism is now what liberal used to be. It’s now a party of slogans and identity issues to paper over the fact that they are essentially corporatists that support the status quo

  2. Ron she is actually fighting for your mom and wife you and me. Forget Biden and the DNC for now She is focusing on what's more important than Biden and the DNC frauds . We are at war. TULSI IS RIGHT. She can't divide attentoin now and we can't be divided. We have to f…n work all together to open hospitals produce medical supplies continue warning people to buy more time to get vaccine and respirators and hospitals and medical stuff etc. Tulsi is great she has vision and she understand what's more important stop focus on this she will continue her fight but now we have just one enemy CORONAVIRUS THAT IS KILLING PERHAPS MILLIONS

  3. I feel like I just caught my wife in bed with Joe Biden. I'm done with this fake democracy. I'll never vote again. What's the point?

  4. Bernie never had tulsi’s back and he tried to force her to agree with him, now that Bernie is going to drop out I’m glad she dropped out first to do what Bernie will eventually do and save her influence

  5. I liked Tulsi at first, even donated once to her campaign back in Nov.. Kinda soured on her early. She played the military service member card a little too hard for my liking. I want a President more than a CIC. The silver hair streak and white suit thing she tried for a while further turned me off as gimmicky.

  6. She finally picked up on the hint that Bernie was dropping throughout the campaign. She wants to see if Biden can be a "good friend" to her as well.

  7. I am dissapointed too. I thought she had real courage But like I am learning it is easier for some of us to have physical courage to strand up for some one to punch someone out to walk along with some one physically ton have their back .Heck I found it easier to face off a mob in my life time to save some one than what I am faced with presently but am getting it. Tulsie better too! SHE needs to have courage in the face of her convictions. when you are ostracized and people have animosity to you and just down right hate and the police are called on you every week and track you to find fault; you have to have courage to stick to your convictions. I don't know what her case is but it is clear she is not sticking to her convictions.

  8. Look at me I'm a soldier… Joe's son was a soldier. I might B a soldier again if HI wants to call me up and ask. Regime change wars bad… "Just Wars" good! Ps. Aloha & God 😛

  9. So much for her brothers and sisters in uniform line relentlessly repeated throughout the debates. Man she use that high and mighty hook to the fullest!! So much for putting their interests first and foremost. Yikes what a sellout!

  10. The only man for the job, Bernie, refuses to actually take the damn job from the walking lie factory, Joe Biden, while supporting a corporation, the DNC, that is again stealing his rightful role as our leader (see exit polls… a total outright theft)… we, in my friend group, are basically suicidal thinking of the tragedy our lives and our children's lives will become. Demexit… other than we are ALL writing in Bernie in the general election or… if Bernie really loses his mind and endorses Joe Biden we'll literally vote for any warm body in a 3rd party.

  11. So it’s obvious that Tulsi wanted something from the Sanders campaign. Why she needed them to reach out to her does not make Spence because he could have just made a statement. But she obviously wanted to negotiate something and Sanders reacted like “We are in the middle of a fucken pandemic here”

  12. Prediction. When Biden loses to Trump within those four years the Democratic party will be destroyed and will never recover. A third party is going to emerge and have the juice to challenge the GOP.

  13. Never Biden. Trump s statute of limitations runs out in 4 years. That should give us progressives enough time to free ourselves from the DNC and come together with volumes of support for a real independent candidate if we're as progressive, educated, and caring as we say we are. 3rd party 2024?

  14. You, Graham, Kim Iversen, Jimmy, and Kulinski need to focus on 2024 and select a legitimate 3rd party candidate and push unabashedly until the 2024 primaries reminding every level headed voter to campaign and vote for them over the RNC/DNC anointed. That's what it's going to take and it'll be a historical start to a bright new chapter.

  15. I hope Jimmy Dore comes around and starts to hate her as everyone else on the Left should. Of course I don't even like Sanders anymore either. He knows damn well that the DNC will NEVER let him be the nominee, so he is just raising money for those fuckers.

  16. Warren, Yang, and Tulsi all failed to except that the progressives chose Bernie to lead. They stayed in the race even when there was no path to win and split the vote and hurt the movement. When they could have come together they made excuses and fail to drop and endorse when it could have helped to keep a true progressive. Now that the Dnc cheating and media bias has pulled Biden ahead she drops and endorses a declining corporate democrate that stands and votes against us. She didn't have to endorse anyone at the very least. Exit polls show rigging all over 4%

  17. Ok Dementia-Joe has won the race with a lot of cheating. But have you seen him recently ? There is something going on behind the curtain and maybe Tulsi jumped on the eventuality of Joe dropping out because of ‚unexpected‘ health issue. In the end either the democratic leadership takes action and everything changes quickly or you indeed need a 3rd party. However as seen in Germany, 3rd parties are often destroyed by people who infiltrated it and tore it apart once they were in leadership positions. I am very glad to watch all this from Switzerland. The country where Democracy was copied from the USA and improved a lot.

  18. The saddest day of my life when I listened what she had said. We really have high hope for her and she just slap at our faces with that endorsement. Now she looks phony to us. 🙁

  19. Joe Biden isn't going to run. He's just a placeholder for Hillary, who's planning on making a late entry.
    Think that's ridiculous?
    Wait and see 😉