Tulsi Gabbard Speaks On Ending Regime Change & US Does The Opposite

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. In general, we the voting public, allow, support, and fund leaders who promise what we want and need. AND THEN, THEY DO NOTHING. There are two paths this stupidity can take. 1- socioeconomic collapse. 2- socioeconomic collapse.

  2. I find it odd that no mention that every person in charge of each country is a WEF young global leader. The globalist are taking over every aspect of our lives under UBI to own us like slaves. If you buy the wrong food, they will shut off your digital money. If you tweet wrong, they can turn it off as well.

  3. Who to vote for? Just LIST what all the candidates have DONE. Things that support your views. Forget what they say. Forget what the media says. Forget what they look like.
    Just find out that they have DONE. NONE will match what you want or need 100%. Few will be on your short list of worthy.
    That is the only way to be represented. The "lesser of two evils" that we are given, WILL NOT BE ON THAT LIST.

  4. She means well. This is why she wasn't picked as vice president. But she killed it "Kamala" on stage. Like Nancy Palosy said in a private email, how do they create the next war for profit. I would of voted for Tulsi as our president.

    MSM is a mouth piece for misleading. Nasty piece's of work pretending to be journalists.

    I also hate those political commercials. A bunch of BS but than I'll see some people will regurgitate everything said. But he or she said they're going to do this that or the other. No they're not. Wake up damnit! They don't care. The only thing they care about is their back pocket.

  5. KIT, YOU ARE FUCKING DEAD ON!!!! They are scum! BASTARDS!! backstabbing–ok, more like front stabbing, betraying pieces of garbage and we are fools for perpetuating the duopoly by continuing to vote Dem or Rebub. When will we learn?!! They need their lying, thieving asses the fuck OUT!! Ro Neo-Khanna, FUCK YOU!! Every single goddamned Democrat, yes ALL of the "progressive Caucus" even Cori Bush, voted for our $$$ to go to an evil proxy war that these motherfuckers could have PREVENTED!!! But didn't because they benefit from WAR!!! Wake up, you suckers still upholding your oppressors. WAKE UP NOW!!!! It is past time. Way past time. GET RID OF THEM!!!!!

  6. back in the primary when I was a huge supporter, you guys hardly talked about her and if you did it was faint praise. Now after becoming a regular on Fox, she's a uniter??? JFC She exposed herself as a grifter long ago

  7. Bud😆 you need a holiday this lifestyle u lead tends to drag ppl like you into the quagmire
    Tulsi is the only leader left all the rest are followers you name them I'll label them all the shit she gets is mostly from ugly women jealous their husbands may vote for her but y'all voted for this shit we have now even Ur third party bids led to the DNC winning coz all y'all names were still on their enrolment papers y'all filled out when y'all voted for Bernie😳 so hey suck it up take Joe Rogans advice vote for trump he's Ur only chance😆💯🖕

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