Tulsi not invited to Dem Convention?

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. Truth is Tulsi is a conservative before Obama won in 2008. It was a surprise to most right wingers when she started playing identity politics and following the progressive agenda. She is a Democrat because Hawaii is a blue state. Tulsi is just another hack.

  2. This older lifetime Democrat is considering registering Republican just to make D rigging in my swing state just a tiny bit less believable.
    The continuing thread for D politics is minstrel show racial pandering as makeup on the pig of gross corruption.

  3. Tulsi is up in Alaska serving her nation on Nat. Guard duty. What are the rest of the Dems doing besides fawning all over themselves. Leave the Democrats Tulsi. They are not worthy of your character.

  4. Has anyone added up many minutes were spent talking about Trump vs Pence over the entire convention? I have a feeling the difference is likely staggering. I also have a feeling the difference will be inverted at the GOP convention, with more time spent talking about their candidate (how it should be).

    I hate how Joe Biden's campaign is basically:

    My name is not Donald Trump. I'm Joe Biden and I approve this… you know… the thing.

  5. Tulsi would not fit into the warmonger reunion they were holding. Kamala Harris got a total of 844 popular votes, Steve Bullock was the only candidate that got less. Tulsi got 270,620 and Yang got 160,733.

  6. Tulsi only became anti-war after Trump was elected. She voted for each defense authorization act prior to that. She then went against Trump for NOT striking Iran after the downing of the Global Hawk. You have to have some serious selective memory to think Tulsi is more non-interventionist than Trump. It's selective and opportunistic.

  7. It not so much people like that she went after Kamala. It was the way she did it. It was freaking awesome. Kamala Harris had no choice but to accuse Tulsi of “fancy speeches” because Kamala Harris has never been so confronted with PLAIN ENGLISH. The fancy speech was Kamala Harris’ acceptance speech two nights ago. Cringe. Barf. No surprise Tulsi wasn’t invited to the DNC. No surprise at all.

  8. During this convention they definitely spent more time talking about Beau Biden [who s DEAD], than on all substantive points of the party platform. On Thursday there were multiple segments about Beau alone, creating a surreal effect that he is also running. FROM THE GRAVE. We saw his speeches, his photos, listened to the recordings of his voice and learnt a lot from dozens of testimonials [in sum – he was a hot and straight version of mayo Pete – a well-spoken hack, groomed and primed to become a senator and then to run for the presidency. Boe was on track to transform Bidens into another legendary political dynasty – kinda JFK was for Kennedy clan. Beau's 'life-long public service' was a perfect example of resume-building with stints long enough to be able to claim an important character trait or experience. The creepiness of the narrative reached disturbing levels when they showed Biden talking about Beau as his de-facto running mate: Beau is still the most important person for Biden, the entire motivation of Joe is to make Beau proud [not the country or the people, mind you], everything Biden does or says needs first to get Bo's seal of approval. Every minute of yesterday's broadcast we were reminded of how stupendously lucky we are to have the holy spirit of Beau leading and inspiring the whole nation under the future presidency of his father Joe, who will be mere a vehicle in the shadows.

    P.S. Tulsi miscalculated and missed comically. Sorry, queen, the GOP doesn't need you either. Your whole shtick is shallow, and you are nowhere near from a highground of any sort to lecture us or to be taken seriously after you sucked the dick of Daddy Joe.

  9. Mike, you forgot the one truism that we must all recognize, "If voting mattered, it would be illegal". Voting for Biden is voting for Que Mala! Harris but in the end it is the MIC that pulls all the levers.

  10. Gabbard is in fact a liar re her fear mongering on nuclear weapons, completely falsifying the point in history at which we sit with respect to those dangerous tools of war. And she is a hypocrite blathering about her "brothers & sisters" who along with her were killing strangers in Iraq while saying she was against the wars for which they all took a check. She was not shunned for either of these errors, as in fact all the people who did speak on behalf of Biden are also guilty of lying hypocrisy on various counts.
    She ran for President because she is ambitious and a careerist, which is why she folded for Biden so fast. She was shunned because she is telegenic and reasonably hypnotic to watch speak, as such she sucks the oxygen out of the room.
    Mike is a goof with respect to Gabbard, one area he falls flat on his face. He's not a great judge of people right in front of him, that's why he can't see through Gabbard, and why he let a punk take his phone then ran down the street like a bitch.

  11. Mike blathers away about Tulsi criticizing Trump policy positions that "exacerbate the cold war blah blah China blah blah …." Actually Mike YOU are not grounded in reality with respect to this, it is the Neoliberal push to expand Nato, and the Neoliberal nation building, that "exacerbated" the cold war features of current relationships.

  12. Republicans like her when she bashes Hillary and that's about it. As soon as she votes against Trump or calls him a Saudi bitch, they strike back at her worse than Hillary does.

  13. It is delusional to say that Trump would even consider having someone like Tulsi Gabbard in his cabinet. Her foreign policy positions on Iran, Saudi-Arabia and even Syria would put her in grave disagreement with the rest of Trump administration. Also given Trump's inability to handle even mild criticism from the people around him Gabbard would find herself fired from Trump administration sooner rather than later.

  14. Your way off on the reason right wingers want Tulsi "Because she attacked Kamala" its not that machiavellian, it's just what's not to like about Tulsi Gabbard.

  15. AOC was invited to speak at the Dem convention, but Tulsi Gabbard was snubbed. She's been loyal to the party, but Hillary called her a Russian asset, and the party craps on Gabbard. Though a veteran and an active reservist, Tulsi is a non-interventionist–just like Trump–unlike the Hillary-Kerry war-hawks. Tulsi Gabbard is in the wrong party.

  16. Tulsi is the female version of Arjuna, she will rise again soon but now is not her time. She is too good for the boisterous Dems. Very Radical they need to tone it down a bit. Sounds like a bunch of radicals for sure. They sound so noisy and bitter. How can they lead this Nation with too much noise.