Tulsi Sells Out Progressives For Warmonger Biden — The Political Vigilante

Graham breaks down the backing of Joe Biden by Tulsi Gabbard.

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Written by Graham Elwood

Official YouTube channel of Comedian/Filmmaker Graham Elwood (Director of Earbuds: The Podcasting Documentary, co-host of the 'Comedy Film Nerds' podcast, and co-producer of LA PodFest). Visit for DVDs, comedy albums, tour dates, t-shirts, and more!


  1. why Tulsi and Bernie why? why Tulsi why? why are you doing this?!why are you doing this?! Joe Biden is the complete opposite of everything you championed and was the VP of the very wars and policies your trying to rightly address. Fucking hell was their some kind of deep state threat made on you or your loved ones? this is the end of the world as you know it.

  2. Graham

    I suggest you watch Tulsi's nose. When she is lying her nose moves left to right. As to joining up because of 911 I noticed no nose movement. She was thinking of joining up anyway. You can see her nose at the end giving away she has no intention to continue fighting for peace.

    Biden shows the symptoms of a problem worse than dementia. I suspect without medication he has blackouts. The give away is the way he has sudden losses of memory and orientation. The problem can only get worse with age. Each incident causes brain damage.

    During the last debate it was noticable Biden looked very happy for a man fighting for position. His demeneour was consistent with a man high on a prescribed medication.

    Bernie is an independent. His problem is voter fraud. He can't fight back it for 2 reasons

    1. Judges regard the Democratic party as a private organisation not subject to election law.

    2. If he fought back it would regarded as breaking with the Democratic Party, he would be eliminated.

    ( As an independent he cannot buck Democratic party policies accounting for some strange statements from him. Hilary Clinton still has effective control of the Democrats and has stated if Bernie bucked the party he would be removed as a candidate. )

    Bernie fought so hard he ended up getting a heart attack. It's rediculous the only poletician prepared to fight back is 76 years old. He should have been able to retire 10 years ago. AOC is astonished he managed to fight back against the pressure for 4 decades.

  3. New Party!
    I refused to give Bernie money this time around since he supported Hitlery. Instead I gave money to Tulsi, but suspected she wasn't the real deal. I should have listened to my worries! All the so called "Progressives" in the Democratic Party turned out to be fakers. New party now!!!

  4. Politics is a fight. Progressives were never going to gently take over the democratic party. The fact that you got frozen into supporting a fundamentally frigid party incapable of any dynamic movement, who screwed your boy over in 2016 already, is on you.

  5. Bernie endorse Biden. Where is your video calling Bernie sellout? You uploaded "Neoliberals using fear on progressive to vote Biden" but still shy of calling Bernie sellout. Pathetic.

  6. Long time ago Joe Biden became the new enemy, then possibly from the common Wild sneezer, the virus may well be a new enemy, but don't exhale yet, Joe Biden may well be old but he's still the new enemy, duh

  7. Like Bernie, gabbard simply warning us, yes us, as if we are the authorities being informed by them, informing us the government, military and we the authorities are apparently victims of the overpopulation of psych Majors Club Nazis, Lord sleaziest. Final note, about that name sleaziest, the last two letters are actually u – s, and while slow mode will not allow me to spell it out, I think the lowercase s first letter is just about accurate, good slow mode. Really, I mean does Tulsi even look like she would steal Elwoods donation to her campaign? Fellow commenters if you find it difficult to wrap your head around this, I can only remind you about public school, fake school from your psych majors, the very psych majors who went to government and requested pay to find out what makes a woman tick, it was granted, the damn Nazis explored deep into her mind and found way deep sea down she would enjoy thinking like a boy, as to be most cordially romantic for him socially, but of course that would Clash with the fact she is not a female man, just female human. So of course the psychotic Nazis constructed the literature of all the books by first becoming all the editors Etc like owning the dictionary only to make sure the word superiority has six syllables and of course syllables has triple, the singular and the plural, both triple items, just add on third stooge; silly Bulls. Back to public school, welcome to not boys school, not girl school, no not from Nazis, welcome to tomboy School, or TBS, the station Everyone likes better than public school or tomboy School, to bring out the Tomboy in every girl looking like the kitten version of a woman she glances to the mentally rabid mouth breathing boy next to her showing him her latest grade A paper, victims sitting there on their solid wood seats all damn day every damn day, because after all , flattening the butts of our children is the point about public school, and of course bragging how glorious school building is, compared to the children's homes. I know Graham would like to tell you this, but it's actually a very long story of details, but I am a rare prodigy to be so brief with so wild a topic. Even as second choice Nazi collaborator Biden better than Straight up Yacht Club Nazi, pretty sure we don't vote Nazi here except by accident or your vote has been stolen. I could go on, but you don't want me to, in fact when I go to the government to get funded, only have to fund one guy, a Nazi tells me We Know Who You Are, we already have your bombs your full color Motion Picture display, your satellites, get lost you curb rat ( that means I don't have a car). I should use this opportunity to suggest that you consider the word Nazi maybe a bit German for such a global reference, I choose the word Gremlins. Perhaps I make you even more sad than Gremlins do, yeah that's me, buzzkill, my bad. Oh look, I didn't delete it this time? Hey Julian Assange, another stranger says hi, hey Chelsea Manning, be careful not to exceed hot

  8. Graham, some good news some bad news. you have inspired me to leave a comment of bad news under this video, a very long story only a rare prodigy can make brief, as I use this nice man's iPhone, but I am he