Turkey and Iran strike US proxy

Turkey and Iran strike US proxy
The Duran: Episode 1445



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  1. The people you call a "proxy" are not a mere proxy. First you have to understand that Arab nations are not nation-states in the Western sense, but are mostly multi-cultural, unstable entities that have to juggle the demands of a bunch of different ethnic and/or religious groups. The Kurds in Rojava trying to fight for autonomy in the midst of a civil war doesn't make them mere proxies.

    Secondly, the US only got involved with the Kurds directly after ISIS came to prominence and took Mosul. And when it was convenient, the US looked the other way while the Turks invaded with their "FSA" proxy forces who bore the brunt of the casualties while Turkish airpower and armor pounded Kurdish forces who had no way of retaliating.

  2. US hegemonic policy must be abandoned. US cannot continue the tradition of imperial Britian. This policy, this state of mind, is what wrecking havoc around the globe. The US does not need to dominate the globe for Americans to continue to live a good life. Just look at Switzerland.

  3. Russia never been serious about solving the Kurdish problem in Syria and Turkey do everything to prevent the Kurds in Syria to obtain any kind of basic human rights. The Kurds in Syria are not US proxies. They needed the US to fight ISIS as much as the world needed them.

  4. Russia is turning the tables on the US who with their vassals been creating trouble around Russia's boarders and areas of influence . It's going to be interesting as the USA finds itself with the sort of problems they have been creating for Russia. And I think their arrogant ignorant disrespectful verbal insults and attitude towards leaders of sovereign states will show their lack of intellectual ability to overcome the hurdles unlike their far smarter counterparts who have set and example of how civilised 21st century representatives of sovereign states should act .

  5. Somehow failed readings of the situation. Erdogan attacking the Kurds in Syria to gain more votes among the Turkish nationalists for the upcoming election. Iran attacking the Kurds in Iraq to divert attention from the ever increasing protests inside Iran. Russia uses Turkey to attack the Kurds to weaken the American presence in Syria.

  6. I see that you guys don't know nothing about West Asia because you too still calling it immediate you guys call it at Middle East okay you guys need to go and research some more both of you are Greeks one live in London one live is in the island of Greeks go check more study more understand more about West Asia that's all I have to say good luck to you guys

  7. US expressing condolence and Turkey rejecting it reminds me of how ten (or more?) Turkish people were executed by the Israeli navy on the Mavi Marmara, the lead ship of the humanitarian aid convoy The Freedom Flotilla, trying to break the inhuman siege on Gaza. Nobody was ever brought to justice for this horrific crime. It happened in international waters, too, so it was an act of piracy as well as mass murder.

  8. " A US proxy" Wrong Us did not create Kurdish culture did not put them in the situation they are in. US helps anyone and fence sitters call it a proxy.
    No doubt US is getting some interest satisfied but proxy no. Same as Ukraine interest looked after by US sure Ukraine going along with help yes. Proxy no.

  9. I used to sympathise with the Kurdish predicament , seemingly they had a choice to remain with various countries support , but they chose instead to sell their souls to the devil , mistakingly thinking this particular devil gave a damn about them , other than using , abusing , and disgarding them to the dustbin of history .

  10. The Kurds have accepted a role as an internal American proxy inside Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Now they are left standing center stage fully exposed as terrorists. The Kurds want their own homeland that should be called Dupeastan since they are willing to be hired killers for America. Now they are fighting for their very existence. No one wants them in their nation no matter how long they have been there. Perhaps America can give them Texas and this will be all over.

  11. My country, the U.S., needs a wakeup call. The game of international influence peddling / threatening is really getting tiresome. We need to pull in our horns and take care of our own backyard.

  12. Israel has been supporting kurds another angle. Kurds overall are victims of geography much like Armenians surrounded by enemies for centuries.Kurds have long history of being manipulated by powers and some cases they took the bait because they profited example during the Armenian Genocide Turks promised kurds a homeland in eastern Turkey if they kill massacre the Armenians and they did the task splendidly killing hundreds of thousands of Armenians in their historical homeland and the irony is Turks after killing off the Armenians refused their promises to Kurds and this animosity never healed.Kurds acknowledged their role in Armenian Genocide but Turks still deny it like broken record for decades despite of overwhelming evidence fact of the Armenian Genocide!

  13. As much as I wouldn't want to have a unipolar world with Russia or China at the helm. I also do not want one with America at the helm.

    The reason the world is so messed up at the minute is because of the greed and need for power of a very small number of people.

    The majority of us just want to work and spend time with our family and friends and be nice to each other.

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