Turkey Gives Ultimatum to Finland & Sweden

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. Biden is pushing Asia into war and disgrace and sadly Japan and Australia are hand in gloves. Can't blame Modi as he is an Idiot. But atleast Japan should use its brain and look at history before putting fingers at China.

  3. There is no other issue unite Turks than PKK/YPG/PYD and whatever combination and variation of the letters one would like to use for Kurdish Terror in SE front of Turks. This is simply where the Turks will not back even an inch. There may be a concession at the end but it will be the one where Kurds thrown under the bus. And bets are high this time, not only in Sweden and Finland but also by the other member states as well. Here we are talking abt USA, Belgium, France, Germany …..

    With ref to "Pazarlık" it will not end only there Turks will also aim to get more issues settled in USA, how many of these topics can be closed that's another issue but subject here includes : F35 Program, US Bases in Greece, Arms Embargoes by NATO members, CAATSA sanctions. etc etc

    What one must understand Erdogan stays firm he gains points in upcoming elections. Erdogan goes away stakes will be even higher on this topic…

  4. Very naive. Americans have more to offer than Russians. Finland and Sweden will join, and it will be smooth and easy. Turkey is a American maddog, always have been. They hosted jupiter missiles in the peak of cold war, so how could anyone think they would block two random countries now ?
    It is just about setting the price, the question is obviously not Yes or No, but How much.

  5. Sentiment in the US about the Ukraine Conflict has turned, more and more in the Senate are now saying ''Get Out'' there is nothing to win here and carrying on just increases further Economic Damage in the US and Global chaos.

    And if the US goes, then their Puppet, Zelensky, although trying to ensnare Poland into a Territorial Trap, has nowhere to peddle his propaganda, in that the EU Sanctions on Russian Energy is now a Joke, so has backfired, Roubles for Russian Energy has strengthened the Currency, and the unrest and push back in Europe grows angrier by the Day.

    So the longer Turkey holds out the less likely it is that it will achieve its Pound of Flesh.

    Ukraine is more than aware that the Ground swell is no longer in their Favour, they know the game is up both on and off the field, hence why they have been trying to suck Poland into their Chaos, hoping that if the Poles were silly enough to agree, that it might in some way, slide NATO in the back door as well.

    NATO is not going to engage for several reasons, and hopefully the Poles can see past the end of their noses, and recall that everytime they have gotten into the Ring with the Russian Bear, its never ended well for them.

  6. If Sweden and Finland are so much keen on Stalinist Terror, so as to refuse Turkish demands to stop supporting PKK; why do they actually want to join NATO?
    Why afraid of Russia; because that is exactly what Russia will bring..
    Stalinist Terror…! Just a bigger PKK.

  7. If there will be a pressure then there are other options for Turkey so even now the criminal west is struggling and if they loose also Turkey then we will see what will happen.

  8. There should be more talks about coming secundary sanctions for those who are buying Russian energy and are not willing to cut it down. Non NATO countries like Finland and Sweden could take this issue because there is not alliance conflict. Let see what turkish lira and inflation say about this. Finland and Sweden can wait far much longer than Turkey or NATOs eastern flank.

  9. Turkey is likely to side with Russia and China which is a fearsome proposition for western alliances to consider… especially with most people swallowing the media propaganda being fed to us about how Russia is losing the war in Ukraine which it certainly is not. Russia is doing exactly what it wants when it wants and they haven't even had to move into 4th gear yet.

  10. Turkey just wants to get paid and get some good deals. They’ll support these Nordic countries soon. Turkey don’t like Russia fundamentally, that’s why they are part of NATO.

  11. Never understood Erdogan's politics. The failed 2016 coup was so obviously back by US, even his minister said it loud. Had the coup been successful, Erdogan's head would literally rolled on the floor. Now he is still playing tug of war with US. If his head does rolled one day, I am not going to blame US this time.

  12. As there are only 15,000 kurds in Finland, and they are from Iraq, which I believe is not much of problem with Turkey, and Erdogan and Turkish foreign minister had no problems of Nordic countries joining Nato before Finland and Sweden sent in their papers, this more or less bargaining tactics, and not very good for the alliance. There might be handful of people which the Turks would like to have their hands on, but so far they have not yet presented any real evidence of actual terrorism (as the turkish interpretation of terrorism is much more wide than in the other parts of the world with free speech and freedom of demonstration) so that there could be any reason for deportation into Turkey. In my mind this is more to do with arms deal with US than Finland or Sweden.

  13. Someone told me that the Kurdish people came to Iran, Iraq, and Turkey way back in the days and tried to take land from them all to build their own country in the middle. I'm not sure about if that is correct if someone could please clarify the conflict for me

  14. Erdocan thinks he will be able to obtain funding to save the collapsing Turkish economy, he seeks money from the Russians, the Chinese, the Saudis, the USA, the EU … but he has created too much damage to the Turkish people, and to date to raise the Turkish lira and curbing inflation there is no solution … the worst is yet to come for Turkey … the worst will also come for other countries, including Europe and the United States, with the difference that the EU and the USA can intervene with central banks .

  15. Didn't those Gulen folks literally try to blow up old Erdogan when he was staying in a hotel and he had to evac by helicopter, curtesy of a phone call from a friend in the north. This was fairly soon after Turkey shot down a Russian plane to so the two countries were not on the best of terms.

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