Turkey Threatens to Allow Hundreds of Thousands of Migrants To Enter Europe


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  1. It's a win-win for the arms manufacturers, inflame a warzone by selling hardware, and then import the violence so the police are forced to militarize.

  2. If you want to get red pilled on Syria, fundamentally what it all boils down to is the fact that Assad was a Russian and Iranian Ally and the Obama Administration is filled with a bunch of Boomers who think it's still the Cold War.

  3. Obama and his Ilk started this BS, the Arab Spring as they called it! Libya, Syria, Almost Egypt, and Ukraine, which lost a section of their country I might add. And Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize right away too boot hahaha Adn President Trump pulled out what he could, and I am sure he will get the rest of them out, Afghanistan is next to move out of.

  4. It all makes sense when you learn about the Kalergi plan and the plan for Greater Israel. The middle-east needs to be destabilized, and Western Europe/North America needs to descend into civil war and ethnic cleansing of the native population. Russia threw a wrench into the plan by keeping Assad in power, which pissed off the Zionist regime in Israel, so now the plan is to ruin the Russian Economy by getting them bogged down in Syria like the Soviet Union did in Afghanistan.

  5. BS first of all the US started this Mess in Syria (and all over Middle East) for the Greater Israel project and it only got worse since Israel Firster Trump is in Office the Europeans are there because the US demands his NATO allies to help overthrow the Assad Government – the US Israel and Turkey supports the so called Moderat Rebels aka ISIS and co. the US also stands by his Nato Buddy Erdogan – long story short the US destroys not only Syria but also is directly responsible for the Destruction of Europe shame on you claiming you dont have a clue whats going on – and guess whos Hand rubbing intensifies –

  6. Turkey gets millions in EU subsidies because it has 'aspirant EU member state' status — high time to;
    – revoke that status
    – end the subsidies that go with it
    – end the other advantages (like Turks being exempt from having to do inburgering – actual EU member state citizens are exempt from it) that go with it
    – kick Turkey out of NATO (they buy Russian weapons!)

  7. Don't blame Turkey too much. If they can't pass the migrants on to Europe, they have to send them back, and they're not getting any international support in repatriation efforts.

  8. It's almost like flooding Europe with foreigners… is the point? No, no, that couldn't be, that's crazy talk, that's conspiracy theories…

  9. My husband & 2 eldest are in the ME now. Trump's been a clusterfuck as well. From the time he took office until he blundered into cucking for Erdogan & ordering a retreat, we held down our interests in Syria with relatively little manpower & hardware. That's what Spec Forces do. We've gleaned kickass Intel & kicked ISIS's ass for over a decade thanks to the Kurds. One day Twitler gets a wild hair (or more likely got pressed on some dirty business deal by Erdogan/Putin) and just decides to pull the plug? Bad fucking form – particularly from an Intel perspective. The bases/equipment taxpayers paid for is now in Russia's hands, investment flushed. Any progress with Iran, flushed. Iraq fucking pissed. Kurds disgusted. Trump legit cost us 3 fronts in one day! And now we have to go back in & mop up, sending exponentially MORE troops, more firepower, more hardware. Which naturally means logistics, engineering, recon, retcon, contractors – all this manpower & gear to redo what was successfully managed with a handful. WTF? Why? And now we gotta do all this clean up with pissed allies & poor Intel. Totally incoherent leadership & mission definition. Upside: daily more military, vets, & fed workers are disgusted + disillusioned with Trump & GOP, votes peeling off. All Trump had to do was sit tight; another fail.

  10. Turkey is just being smart here. I think Turkey is mostly a problem for the west and NATO but they are just abusing the europeans and I applaud them for it. Fuck Europe for pushing this open borders trash in the first place. Now Greece has to block off its whole border by itself because the EU thinks its racist to not let everyone breathing air to walk through and reap all of the benefits of other nations.

  11. We need a military land invasion of Turkey and take back Constantinople and reinstate it as a bastion of the West. At the very least we must put troops on the european side of the border with Turkey and put a strong naval force in the Aegean sea.

  12. Hello Europe this is a Australia. We understand you're having technical issues and firstly we'd like to thank Britain for brexit secondly we'd like to say your issue with Turkey isn't our problem, we already went there the in WW1 due to being under the Command of British Generals and and landed at Gallipoli it was a shit show, the greatest thing we did was retreat at night without them knowing we'd even left so if you guys decide to invade we're going to take a rain check thanks for not asking we've already paid our share of Aussie blood for Europe's inept and incompetent policies in two wars . We'd like to think stopping Rommel with our New Zealand brothers gave us a pass on the next calamity you guys got yourselves in , so essentially don't call us we'll call you . .

  13. Lol i love how the eu has change their tune when its their boarder being bum rushed and are supporting greek populist greek leader and greek’s boarders…lol but when the usa had issues, it was like you are being inhumane.

  14. Of course the Muslim Turks would push the continued invasion incursion…They need to taken out of NATO and replaced with Russia and the rest of eastern europe.

  15. There are no cities in Syria that changed hands trice. Every city which was ever captured by jihadists was liberated once and that is all for the decade-long civil war. The only exception is Palmyra which was recaptured and reliberated once, but all this happened in one month campaign so it hardly counts.

  16. Styx whoever controls the middle eastern oil supply can turn off the taps to anyone but it's allies in ww3. 70% of oil supply shut down overnight sending those countries into immediate recession.

  17. Lets see if i can make it make sense for you. The Syrian Civil war is over. The Syrian government won. Only..the rebels instead of facing the firing squad for their crimes ..get Russian escort to Idlib province.

    Turkey invaded Syria to save its palls the jihadists the Russians send to Idlib ,on the border with Turkey.
    Instead of declaring War on Turkey for invading a sovereign nation.."diplomacy" ensued.

    The long and the short of it is that after Erdogan's visit to Moscow, Turkey got a 6km zone in Syria as a "buffer "zone.
    Emboldened by the cowardice of the west Erdogan tried to shake down the EU for more money, threatening to flood us with immigrants if he did not get paid.

    Sadly for him with GB exiting the EU and German banks going belly up (even if they covered it up and no one wants to say it) There was no way in hell to find the funds to pay Erdogan.

    Thinking it was the usual bluff and that the EU will back down, Erdogan flooded the land border with Greece with anyone and everyone he could find.
    Afghans imprisoned in Turkey, Pakistani economic migrants working in turkey, Iranians, Iraqis , local idiots who wanted a vacation to Greece with all expenses paid.
    The Greek government closed the border . Especially since these people were escorted by units of the Turkish armed forces.
    Then Corona Chan came and things got worse.

    What is it that you don't understand? I've been typing like an idiot since 2016at least for the US to fucking drop Turkey.
    To smash Germany and the Saudis and cut ties with the CCP.
    Now ..we're in the middle of a pandemic .
    Next time i tell you morons to do something fucking do it. If a crazy person like me can see the writing on the wall why the fuck cant you?
    Its not complicated.

    Turkey wants to become an empire, not because it needs territory, but because it will help them become the seat of the caliphate.
    The Saudis want for their country to be the seat of the caliphate, they have mecca after all. To this end they are prepared to talk even to the Jews.
    Anyway you slice it its a fucking pan Islamic war funded by china.
    Germany..Germany is dreaming of resurrecting the holy Roman empire. Which means..France, Northern Italy, Serbia Half of Bulgaria and Albania become part of Germany.
    You find a way to achieve this without starting another war in Europe.. Let me know . From where i'm sitting it looks like the motherfucking Huns are fixing to start a new war in Europe and fuck the consequences.

    Te Politicians may say yes but the people will say Hell no. You thing they fell in love with right wing morons all of a sudden?
    After decades of voting left to centre left ..they started voting right wing .. for no apparent reason.
    If any of this is news to have not been paying attention.