Turkey’s MILITARY OP In Syria

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Turkey Prepares MILITARY OP In Syria

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  1. I'm glad countries are going after the usa western imperialists for supporting terrorists and always making the people suffer for THEIR REGine change they can steal from other countries ,,murdering garbage….Go Turkey

  2. Your jumping the gun calling for peace in the ME. Israel is a US proxy. One that embodies racism and fascism. There will not be peace in the middle east as long it exists.

  3. Kurds are under Sdf; oil thieves, butchers, black market oil smugglers, sponsored by EU USA, NATO, Canada France, steeling Syria oil and they will not be recognized by this colonials ever ,except Syria .

  4. I am absolutely and totally OVER Washington and their arrogant beliefs that they are the HIGH RULERS OF THE WORLD 🌎!
    WTF gave them the right to overthrow democratically elected governments, bomb innocent people and starve entire populations in the name of their 'Rule based Order'.
    This arrogant mentality can not be sustained much longer, as America is running out of countries to overthrow.
    This civil war in Ukraine is so fkd-up.
    It has nothing to do with America and NATO, however we have the entire NATO alliance fighting against one country.
    How fk'n fair is that? America has never ever in the history of America ever ever fought a fair fight. They've always gone into battle against countries much weaker, and more times than not, have ended up abandoning their original objectives and leaving these nations in total ruin.
    Then this WAR! OMG 😲
    This was and is and has been from the very beginning once again totally unfair and unequal.
    Even in school yard fights, there'll be a one on one fight, with everyone else standing around cheering from the sidelines.
    Leaders of gangs, even have honour systems and will fight one on one when personally challenged.
    No but never our awesome democratic America.
    Having the entire NATO, American and Australian weaponry for the use by Ukraine troops, including fancy radar and computer systems is not only wrong it's unethical.
    If America hadn't stuck it's nose in Ukraine's face after Ukraine declared independence Ukraine might still be a vibrant prosperous nation.
    The Neo-Nazi organisation definitely wouldn't have risen to the prominence that it has.
    It could possibly have been contained. Who knows? We'll never know now, because America let the Nazis out of the bag, armed them and said 'go on, have fun'.
    Now the Neo-Nazi movement has grown in unimaginable speed across the world at a rate no one could have ever imagined.
    Now, anyone in the world with narcissistic murderous tendencies can freely enter Ukraine, be kitted out and fully armed with America weaponry and told to go out and butcher as many innocent people as you wish.
    What the hell is wrong with us?
    We have the audacity to condemn China and Russia without looking at the atrocities we've been committing non-stop since WW11.

  5. "If this does happen, if the US backed proxies namely "Kurdistan" do fall, this will effencitively mean the end of all cycle of middle east wars which began in the 1990s."

    A truer sentence than this one literally can't be formed…👏👏👏

  6. Thank you Jackson i really appreciate you for telling the truth and advocating for you humanity, Biden authoratarian regime is interfing sovereignty state, he is Controlled by warmongers and evil individuals.

  7. Edrogan did the bombing himself in Istanbul so he can make up the invasion to kill the Kurds. I suggest you review the history or Turks and their Genocide toward the Greeks, Armenians, Greeks cyprus and now the Kurds. I ask you who harbors Terrorist?

  8. You forgot the ongoing war on Yemen! Another proxy war where the US proxy Saudi Arabia to control the Red Sea to Mediterranean for geopolitical reasons including Israel. The Middle East is not done yet from the destructive machinations of the Anglo American empire.

    However, the hyper and rabid imperialist empire has definitely been weakened over the last three decades, much due to its own delusional hubris and doubling down on failed policy and wars they can neither control nor use as pretexts to exact long term mafioso like robberies or manipulation on a grand scale.

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