Turkey’s official annual inflation tops 80%, experts put it much higher | DW Business

Official data from Turkey puts annual inflation at over 80% for August. That’s more than half a percentage point higher than the previous month – although some economists in the country insist the real rate is much higher. While households battle extreme price increases, Turkish industry is also suffering.


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  1. I do not really understand what inflation is considered from, if, for example, accounts in the UK have grown 3 times? Then what is the real inflation in Britain?

  2. Instead of Erdogan working hard to fix the country’s economy woes, he’s preoccupied with threatening Greece over the Aegean islands sovereignty. It’s a good ploy to take the pressure of his mismanagement of the country’s economy

  3. Strange that Turkish people are carrying on with life as usual compared with the un-reported news on the strikes and protest marches in Europe and the UK over inflation.

  4. I think all the leaders around the world are making the life of the ordinary people harder so we should give a chance to women to run this world, perhaps it would be a better place for everyone

  5. But how the common Turkish people can deal with the situation & of empty promises ??? When can't afford a fresh loaf of bread ??? Just only by considering the country's high inflation situation !!! It's shameless !!! People are starving !!! & The only one that saying that everything it's beautiful is him !!! But I must admitted he is very clever leader !!! Heard to win support & achieve something of success for the next elections heard sent his wife into the farms to collect tomatos to show that they are committed with the poor !!! Just dust in the eyes !!!

  6. "It's difficult to be a student" untrue they have free education, unlike a certain first world country 🦅💵🦅. Of course you have to take a test, but that also makes much more sense.

  7. Inflation is mostly due to Lira collapsing and currency speculator attacks from Wall Street vultures. The West is attacking any nation that does not cave into servtitude to the control freaks. We will never give in

  8. There is none and nill effect of this inflation because salary is also been doubled in turkey

    So much facade is created by western media but in reality no Turkish public is running from here while turkey got almost double western residents this year who is que up for applying Turkish TRC card

  9. Erdogan will do what all Dictators do when faced with domestic problems – start a war to foment nationalistic fervour. He is obviously not an economic genius as he continues to drive down interest rates during a period of high inflation. So he will act like a thug instead.

  10. Let them collapse so that they are forced to move their occupation troops & settlers from Iraq, Syria & Cyprus…only good for humanity the collapse of an inhuman, expansionist, opportunistic & dictatorial state, allowed to grow by the stupidly blind & obedient West..

  11. That's terrible for the people of Turkiye. Erdonomics is an utter failure. He's been sacking no end of finance ministers who tried to do the right thing. The man is incapable of admitting he's wrong. A bit like another man we know.

  12. Than what?? Higher the imflation higher the salaries.
    Turkey is getting Loans from Pakistan.
    Turkey is supplying Drones to Pakistan against India and Pakistan is offering few hundred billion usd package to Turkey .
    Turkey is punishing India by not selling India its drones and that proves that Turkey is really a Jihadi Islami country.
    Turkey is going to be Afghanistan in next 20years.
    Everyone must do Muttah while using adult services in Turkiyiee.

  13. Come on, Turkey is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship!
    Edogan is just doing what he pleases with his people, and then if the election results don't please him, he just declares them invalid, and changes the results by force.
    All he cares about is to have enough weapons and soldiers to kill the Kurds with, who happen to be Turkish as well. He is willing to do the same to anyone and everyone who dare oppose him, as he has demonstrated in multiple cases.

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  15. As a Turk, I read the comments laughing at the commentators. Don't be so ignorant. Turkey's inflation in 2021 is 36.08 and now it is 80, Germany's inflation is 3.1 in 2021. Now it's 7.9. Whose inflation do you think has increased more. A little math If you know, of course. Do not believe the 180 percent nonsense. Moreover, the State of the Republic of Turkey raises salaries as much as inflation. Yes, there is a problem, but we are not hungry. We are full, thank goodness.

    Your politicians and broadcasters are deceiving you. Don't see inflation as a percentage. See it as a floor. You will see that Europe's inflation has increased mor

  16. Inflation in Turkey does not indicate that we are in a crisis. Most of the companies on the stock exchange announced a profit of 300-400 percent. One of the reasons for the inflation is greedy companies. The demand inflation in us. Think about your situation. We have been through a lot of trouble. We are used to it.

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