Turns Out He’s The WORST Of All Time!


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  1. Their printing trillions so that big corporations like black rock can buy up real estate, the government can enrich themselves by creating bills that benefit them (which the left is doing now) and get paid by those corporations for that, with tips (insider knowledge) or directly through being on a board like hunter. But that 1200 stimy check yeah that went towards the people.

  2. The economy is working because the poor are getting poorer , the average are becoming poor , the rich are becoming average , and the less than 1% are simply soaking what the lower classes are losing as profits .
    You love to see it .

  3. Funny, how Obama brought about the greatest economic upheaval for the worse…and now his then VP has done the same, now!
    Its almost as if Obama was having his third term, with a brain damaged Biden as his figurehead.

  4. If it is true that domestic manufacturing is down, then it is only a matter of time until the work force will be cut down.
    One follows the other. It's only a matter of time.
    Brandon and his ilk are just too stupid to realize that. They hope the general public doesn't realize any of that either.

  5. Last night was pretty bad for Republicans. They are really winning the independence back over abortion. They are turning it into a medical right. Republicans need to settle a debate in every state so it’s not hurting us in 2024

  6. 8.5% inflation BS!! There's not 1 "essential" that's only gone up 8.5%, it's between 15-30% & that's not including gas or electric which has doubled since the regime took over!!

  7. They can lie about the numbers & the meaning of words but everyone knows whats actually going on.. I can only hope we don't have another election issue & these liars will finally get whats coming to them!! THEY SHOULD ALL BE IN JAIL!!

  8. I retired from banking in the early 2000s-small town-I still know how the economy works here -the legal news has current properties being foreclosed upon-not since the carter disaster has there been this many-every week now there are new listings-people were living on the edge-utility rates have gone through the roof and people just cant pay what they owe on utilities-inflation inflation-what going to happen next is bankruptcy filings -I spent at least two days a week in bankruptcy court -this has just started

  9. My electric bill tripled this summer. TRIPLED. I'm looking for someone to rent a room in my house to be able to cover my bills. And I just started a new job in March where I'm making almost $1000/month more. Biden completely wiped out the wage increase. I'm far worse off now financially than I was a year ago at a lower paying job.

  10. I've got 40 yrs on ya & despite them Democrats whp are so severely mentally ill that are close to being pals with Hitler Biden is the worst president the United States has ever had!

  11.,, What no "NEWS COMPANIES" are speaking on, time for "WE THE PEOPLE" to happen or we are all the new world slave, no matter what your color, culture, beliefs. Get the ring out of your nose and walk with the Human race that wants REAL FREEDOM, not a political system's brand on what THEY THINK we deserve to "think" FREEDOM is. I worked 5 jobs to pay my university tuition, I lost my heath serving my country in the 90s and am a 100% disabled vet since 1998. These BRATS need to learn responsibility and not on my dime.,,,

  12. The polls I saw yesterday were nowhere near 47%,. The numbers were 74% of the country disapprove of the job he's doing , the country is going in the wrong direction.
    Then 21% of the country approves the job joes doing , the country going in right direction…
    Joe Biden has a 21% approval rating …..

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