Turns Out, It Wasn’t A “Bunch of Malarkey” After All

Well, well.

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  1. Press secretaries should be considered under oath at that podium, as should the politicians who appoint them when they issue official statements from a podium bearing the seal of their governmental department.

  2. it made sense when i initially heard about Putin being angry about biolabs in Ukraine spreading pandemics in Russia. The fact that Pelosi recently visited Zelenski is also very strange. I'm not buying MSM's story that Putin is a lunatic who unprovokedly went off the rails.

  3. Oooh he’s another Irish man , how come all these politicians claim to be Irish or Italian or African Americans… in the uk we have “ British Pakistani’s and I always ask them what it says on their passport..

    If you’d a politician then do what’s best for your country, you know.. the one that’s stated in your passport you traitor

  4. I mean, if their lips are flapping, all that comes out are lies. Why even ask the question, you know the truth, they know the truth, and you know they won't admit it either way.

  5. WHAT??? WTF?!! I guess this kind of changes the "narrative" a bit. Doesn't it?!
    But then it depends on exactly WHAT is being done in those labs?! We need more details!!🤨

  6. From now on in school when the teacher asks me to solve an equation, I’m just gonna say it’s just a bunch of Russian propaganda because that’s apparently the answer for everything

  7. 🤷‍♂️. the headline shown is from "the GameDay Pundit":
    at the very bottom of the article is:
    "providing support to 46 peaceful laboratories [ etc.] over the last
    2 decades."
    Q: is there more evidence than this ?

    N.B.: this mess started with an unexpected admission (under oath)
    months ago. Afaict, FNC simply dropped the matter after Mr,
    Carlson initially emphasized it.
    The 1st revelation was extremely worrisome. The invasion / war in
    Ukraine mean it must be resolved with precise reporting, not simply

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