Twisted Hate Of Unvaxxed By Establishment Press

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Most of the Labs are using excessively high cycle thresholds of 35 – 45 which will result in almost 100% test being positive as stated by the PCR technology Inventor! But that only determines your sample was found to show fragments of some virus which could be from a mild flu you recovered from 3months ago. To actually determine if you are Positive for Covid19 or one of the Variants – they need to isolate your Virus cells and culture your sample to then wait and watch to see if the Covid infected cells Reproduce! If they do not Reproduce, You are Negative for Covid19 or the Variant in the sample from to the Swab that you had to provide to be tested!

    With Studies investigating error rates in Testing Labs who were running high cycle threshold Testing, the Error Rates showing False Positives was then cultured to determine It Reproduction was occuring showed False Positive Results of 90% and higher!

    So if Labs such as in Canada using threshold cycle of 38 without the Culturing of Cells are Creating False Positive Results that could mean that Positive Covid Cases may only be 10% – 15% of the Current Positive Total number…

    And may be lower if Biological Culturing of test Swabs is not being the conducted only actual way to prove that an individual who was Swabbed is Positive…. PCR only is a tool to indicate the possibility that a virus maybe present, CULTURING THE BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL FROM THE TEST SWAB TO DETERMINE IF THE VIRUS IS REPRODUCING OR NOT WILL BE HOW THE INDIVIDUAL IS POSITIVE FOR COVID19 OR VARIANTS IS HOW TO PROVE A PERSON IS POSITIVE….


  2. Please take the vaccines 4 times a year, take the medicines given to you, wear your masks, and stay indoor – we need to cull at least 5 billion humans in order to reverse global warming, end GOVDID19, and stop racism (do your part).

  3. "It's about shitting on people they hate."

    Someone FINALLY plainly states the Democratic party platform.

    When I was a kid it was the Republicans who were responsible for shitting on everyone for religious reasons. Seems like as soon as they realized that was a losing strategy they went for broke starting random wars and then just fucked off into unelectability while the left picked up the mantle of arbitrary hatred and religious self righteousness and ran with it like an Olympic track star with a rocket up their ass.

  4. Why do we care what the depraved loonies think of us purebloods anyway? They are the ones running around in rainbow zebra costumes and 😺 hats. Who cares what anyone thinks. This is our lives not theirs. Words have no power unless we let them.

  5. Great point about the healthcare workers who refused the jab. If they're skeptical, why shouldn't we be?
    One of my mottos is to never trust a skinny chef so it only makes sense.
    Also worth noting, nearly 2/3 of "republicans" already have or are willing to get a jab. It's not Trumpers, plus Trump has promoted the jab. These people are morons.

  6. The Left…the Right? Both can go far far from the middle and stretch in opposite directions that they drop and loop around and meet way below in the center and become one big lump of S.h.i.t….

  7. Hey do they hate everybody that's coming over the border as well Nobody wants to talk about that none of those people are vaccinated nor are they required to be Vaccinated. Doesn't it kind to blow there reason for vaccinations we have to stop this pandemic But at the same time they're letting thousands of unvaccinated Illegals come over the boarder doesn't make much sense to me. What ever is in this vaccination they only want to give it to the American people why is it. Come on vaccinated Children of god You won't know so much You democrats give me a reason why only Americans have to be vaccinated. That's 1 thing you won't answer because you don't have an answer That you want to give you are poisoning American citizens and that's the truth. You are way to desperate beyond desperate for the American people only to be vaccinated what's the real reason?

  8. They are totally Breaking the law. I only have to discuss my health with my doctor And now This communist government wants to get into my business fork you. I live in America And you the swamp are lie dearly going Pay. You are going to be held Accountable for your actions And I can't wait. This is the biggest mistake the democratic party has ever made

  9. I love jimmy but he has to stop using us blk as a talking point for the % of NYer not vaccinated. Yes it is high. But we also have the highest unemployment rate so those 72000 people that are losing their job are not predominantly black. Yes some will get caught up in their but not the majority. I believe these people should stand on their square and fight for what they believe in cause i am.

  10. The thought and behavior police are on the prowl looking for someone to demonize oh let’s blame trumpets or immigrants or blacks or Russia and it has nothing to do with the two corporate parties that have betrayed the American people opps truth digs not permitted

  11. Saying things can't change is a self-prophetic statement. You are not insignificant.


    Don't give in to the globalist commie manufactured COVID nonsense. Say NO to fraudulent lockdowns, the bioweapon softkill "vaxx" passports, and mask mandates.

  12. Am I the only 1 noticing that the Rep. and Dems seem to have switched platforms when it comes to the jab mandate? Rep.r the control freaks, Dems r all 4 autonomy, except 4 the mandate? We will find out Y mid-term '22 or presidential election 2024 why. Our choices will be ugly.

  13. A vaccinated person can carry the same or more viral load than an unvaccinated person.
    The CDC state the vaccine will not stop transmission.
    Places with a high vaccination rate have the highest COVID cases.
    And still no mention of natural immunity!

  14. Love You Jimmy keep up the great service to us all you provide. Your Klassik brutal honesty in expressing complete disgust in the pushed narratives and now MANDATES… totally unexpected lmao Klassik Kronie ism bahaha. Fuck Censorship and God Bless Jimmy Dore… Your Canadian Brother and Ally Jimmy James Kayorie Rock On Rebellion!!!

  15. I'm sorry but if Congress and Illegal immigrants and the White House doesn't have to get vaccinated, doesn't that make you even more skeptical about this vaccine. And add all this contradiction from Fauci the monster who is responsible for the AIDS virus and it starting to sound like the Communist manifesto playbook and soft genocide!!!

  16. My uncle who was a Constitutional Attorney that was a consultant to the Supreme Court told me when I was a kid that the “neo-liberals” are actually hidden Nazi’s. His point is coming home to Roost.

  17. Doesn't protection from getting an infection (not protection from hospitalization) with vaccination equate to the level without vaccination at 12 weeks?
    If so then why get a booster at 6 months as opposed to 3 months? Wouldn't 3 months make more sense? If you follow that line of thinking?
    Or…should we question the whole premise?
    Isn't the main reason to get a vaccine to avoid a bad outcome like hospitalization when you get Covid?
    Delta seems to spread pretty well among the vaccinated.
    Is the spread argument still viable?

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