Twitch UNBANS Girl Who Got LAID On Stream & The Community Is OUTRAGED!

Twitch Unbans eGirl! Check Out Bon Charge!

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


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  1. So twitch banned her and she came back with even more viewers? Sounds like a brilliant business decision to me. However another brilliant business decision would be if twitch just declared themselves a cam girl site and be done with it.

  2. That's outrageous. I once got banned for 14 days because of my twitch name via Simptify. It was during that No Simptember and during the time where Pokimane got "harrassed" by other popular twitch people and her tier 3 simps was defending her and twitch put a warning to those who abuses the word simp.
    Edit: Good news. Her channel has been closed, not by twitch, but by her personally.

  3. Right!👌🏻.
    It was a drunken mistake. 🤢🤮
    That's why she repeatedly looks directly into the camera every 30 seconds to make sure she can't see the dude behind her doing the under the underpants dance. 🐃💩!

  4. Imagine being an actual sex worker on adult streaming websites who is way hotter and does way more on live and you see everyone losing their minds over this butter-faced nobody.

  5. There was never a ban, there was an account suspension for seven days. Calling it a ban that was lifted after seven days is literal misinformation and fake news. Even the people writing these articles are feeding her clout by misrepresenting the story.

    It's simple terminology. Banned = permanent. Suspension = temporary.

  6. Protip Jeremy, if you don't want these people getting huge clout from this action, don't cover them. You were happy to make a video on it for clout as well, to be outraged. Simply put, no coverage when this stuff happens, and there's no real benefit.

  7. wow. Twitch is really failing as a platform.

    simple and best solution – bring twitch back to its prime. Twitch was known for gaming content.

    Now you can sit on your ass and chat with people while wearing an outfit that showcases your body. You can sit in a hot-tub and basically tease rated M stuff, when you have a spicy website to do all of that. 4

    the more this keeps happening, the less i See Twitch as a beneficial platform to be on, and more of a "when does it devolve into a Rated M Platform" where you have to be spicy to get by.
    either Twitch gets their act together, or as soon as Twitch hits the last straw, I'd bet that people will drop off and then with the demands of getting rid of these streamers, it would hopefully fix the problem.
    that, or just fire all the people who run Twitch and hire competent people.

  8. Is there not a law on public indecency (internet included in public) unless there's an explicit warning first can she not get sued for not classing this content as 18+ and get sued separately for public indecency? And on a platform with children and NOT declaring it 18+ can she get sued for exposure to a minor?… Walking into your parents having sex is one thing… A "child friendly" platform were commentators are having sex while kids could be watching on purpose knowing that you could have prevented it by restricting it but you didn't is another. Just asking

  9. 7:29 – as someone who is probably slowly growing on twitch [probably not alot currently], It's honestly just pathetic that I can work extremely hard and spend time and effort playing a game to let people enjoy it with me, while there are people out there who either sit on their asses watching tv shows or movies, or doing casual let's chats, or even downright making the ASMR far worse than it should be, and they seem to make so much more money in donations and bits than I ever do, and I barely make any at all. And there are probably many small Twitch Streamers who want to grow on the platform, but feel as if the only way to grow big is to do something spicy.
    It also seems gender specific as well. I'm a white-straight male, and because I am not a white-straight Female who has probably C or a Double D bust, I cannot use my body to increase views/donations/bits/subs etc…
    the sad part is that I could probably have my sister do my streams instead of me and get so much more viewership doing less than what I do, and yet that just makes me look bad. I'd probably get permanently banned for swapping shirts and due to that short 5-10 second moment of "showing skin" I get completely removed. But if Twitch wants to start allowing stuff like that go on the platform, then I'll just "choose" to support the platform where it's supposed to be [and we all know that platforms name, and it's not onlyfans]

    Simple solution is probably to get rid of all of these problematic streamers who can slide by these rules. Yes they may loose quite a bit [or a decent bit] of money as these streamers despite their terrible actions, give them so much money that this is probably why they won't remove these streamers.

    Twitch needs reform, I just can't wait for the day when somehow Twitch basically causes a massive departure of the streamers and causes a massive Twitch downfall.

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