Twitter Accepts Elon’s Proposal, Buyout Is Happening, Trump Could Be Back In Days

Guests: The Red-Headed Libertarian
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Corey DeAngelis
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  1. DOES anyone REALLY care about TWITTER? UMMMMM NOOOOOO so buy ELon if you wish but TWITTER is NOT something to brag about and PSSSSST TIMMY ummm TRUMP has BEEN BACK, DUH just not on twatter I mean twitter

  2. the gov is probably holding one of his companies hostage like they did with tesla in 2013 so he pays full price and has to spend more attention fixing Twitter than instead of pushing back against their bs

  3. Anyone who doesn't understand that the only thing a peace agreement will do is give Russia time to rearm, and come back bigger and better to subjugate Ukraine is not living in reality.

  4. wow Tim ya just missed this like a peasant. the price paid is almost 20% less due to inflation that his original offer. thats a crap load of money. the price needs to go up by 20% to be the same. please think before you open your mouth. this was a brilliant move on his part.

  5. Am I wrong in thinking the UN is only there to further the WEF and the NWO? They seem to be useless, but great at tyranny and global control. Thanks.

  6. No, Trump can't be back in days, because Trump WON'T be back in days. He's already made clear he has no interest in Twitter, as he now has his own platform.

  7. Who cares. Do people actually still have a Twitter that’s not famous or rich? Twitter is dumb asf. He got scammed into buying it what an idiot. Now he will be controlled by the CIA and FBI also.

  8. I think Musk planned the price from the start and all the rest was shennanigans to show how hard Twat would fight and scream. End of the day, the algo is Musky now.
    Twitter Down.
    Injection good.

    PS: Can't hid the bots by deleting them now. Total User count tally would be obvious. Twitter is at Checkmate.

  9. they didnt want to sell… but they wanted to slap him with 1 billion on the wrist… now they doomed themselves literally forcing musk to buy the company. and nobody can complain. they forced him. he didnt want it. so now musk has 100% legitmization to buy them.

  10. I was thinking (I live in Central Europe) how lucky are people in India or South Africa or elsewhere not involved in NATO. Small difference, but think about all of us in the Northern hemisphere be gone within the few remaining weeks – USA, Canada, EU, Ukraine, Russia – all of us are doomed as the elites are intentionally cornering Putin to a situation he cannot resist. How sad and stupid. And we cannot individually much help it.

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