Twitter Admits Its Bias, REFUSES To Fact Check Democrats Who Lied

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Tim, the left lied when they said rubber bullets and tear gas reused on the protesters. That is not true. They never used any tear gas and they never used rubber bullets. The press secretary clarified it at her press conference. She said the White House did not call for that she said Bill Barr did. He called for the night before to have it cleared because he didn't want the church being set on fire again. So the perimeter was expanded by a block and it was all under Bill Barr.

  2. I haven't watches a Stxyhexnhammer video in a while because I am just now catching up w/ Tim's videos. I wonder how much of a shit eating grin he has just like you Tim.

  3. The main reason and the only reason I need to vote for trump is 1 fact. He opened my eyes to the corruption with the fake news and u are 100% correct the stupid people believe fake narratives and it’s really kinda sickening man these fake news mainstream media are tools to brainwash the stupid/gallable people

  4. We as people have to assume that all politicians are lying. (the way the press USED to be) Now we have to assume that the press is also misleading in it's reporting of the politicians that mislead the media that misleads the people.

  5. "They will twist, and mangle, and spin everything they can, and you know why? Because they think you're stupid! Well, fortunately for you – you're not. Unfortunately for you – other people are." – I really hope someone is compounding it.

  6. Too bad we can’t make a non-bias competitor to Twitter. There doesn’t appear to be anything legally proprietary to it, as it functions completely on pre-existing infrastructures (IP) and point-n-shoot style aggregation. Oh well ??‍♂️

  7. Whether you believe their announcement or not, they are following the "rules" they outlined. Objectively I don't think anyone can argue that Trump (fact checked) has more influence than anyone that they have not fact checked. Until there's someone on the "opposite" side that has as much potential for Harm as the President (position, not Trump specifically) who is not subject to their "Context" warnings they can safely just pick at whatever the President (position) says.
    That said, saying "We just plan to provide context to the President from now on" doesn't sound quite as "Fair"

  8. I wonder if things like this could count as a violation of campaign laws. Twitter in this case is essentially airing campaign adds supporting advertising attacking one side , not sure how this wouldn't count as a violation. I thought the Dems were supposed be upset about cooperate election "speech."

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