Twitter and Youtube Open Promote Chinese Disinfo about COVID

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  1. This is getting to be beyond absurd.Seens like it's a sign of things getting worse,as far as social issues go

  2. The fact that Twatter and Youtub promote Chinese disinfo is well known, but the fact that not a single MSM slimeball has mentioned that a nuclear power plant in China is on its way to meltdown, when the French advisors stated that the power plant must be shut down, all the while, the CCP has said they would not shut it down and are now on their way to a nuclear disaster. That's just the way the CCP handles humanitarian disasters, lie about it and hide the fact that they were responsible.

  3. Vitalik Buterin the inventor of ETH says that any information that suggests vaccines can be dangerous is misinformation. Just wanted to let any eth holders know

  4. As far as social and political issues goes this country is slowly making away with the republic and turning into the china style police state the monoparty always had a boner for.

  5. They already admitted that the PCR tests are faulty and can’t differentiate between the Flu, Covid, or a Cold. There is not test that exists to identify a “Delta Varient”. The numbers are absurd. And the bar is so low for what even constitutes as Covid. A mild cough alone with no other symptoms = a Covid “case”. A mild fever alone = a positive Covid “case”. This is beyond ridiculous at this point. I can only think they are doing this to implement mail-in ballots to rig the mid-terms. Or maybe to distract from the audits. What they are doing right now is corrupt and honestly evil.

  6. how strange. after turning their citizens into thinkalike bots, humans robotically repeating the party line, the Chinese CP lands on US platforms, and tries turning their bots into thinkalike humans. haha.
    btw I want a sniff of what that's you're smoking.

  7. YouTube decided to not include this video in my recommended list today.
    I wake up early and my daily Styxhexenhammer666 clank is waiting for me at the top. I open my YT app, sorry, and when I'm ready for the 2nd one, I just refresh the list and it's there at the top. Convenient.
    Occasionally it deviates. Today there was nothing waiting. I assumed you were off for the day or I was too early but lo- here ye be.

    Is YT giving some algorithm cover for The CCP Media?

  8. Zuck is Data, Psaki is Lore. And also literally. Their respective paragonal roles in American society pertain to data and lore, oddly enough. How weird.

  9. None of the large tech co's will hold China accountable for what it says or does for the 2nd oldest reason in the world…money. they desperately want into the multi-billion dollar Chinese market.

  10. Having a blue checkmark (or checkmark from any social site) means you are not only real, but also a noble class of the international society at large. In other words, you are the lapdog of the NWO and the nations that support the NWO.

  11. didnt someone prove that alphabet/google/youtube and fb are invested in wuhan lab? kinda says it all. twitter is a national security threat but you dont see obamas fbi doj dhs ice doing anything about it. trumps biggest failure was that he didnt see how insideous obama is