Twitter Announces They Will Censor And Manipulate Info Around The Election

Guest: Bethany Mandel
@bethanyshondark (Twitter)

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  1. Ian has now degraded into creating conflict on the show, that's awesome. Keep pressing Ian and his nonsense. If Ian was replaced with a crystal ball, the show would be much more enjoyable.

  2. Luckily, the Twatter population is bot heavy, so who cares anymore? One way conversations are boring. I would get banned/shadowbanned in my 1st post. What do conservative people do there? Say stuff like "hey man, that's over-reach." 😂

  3. STOP IT?? How many movies/books have already been done on 'the people" in war with AI? I think some things should be hands off, just too STUPID to do. Like gain of function? Or CERN trying stuff that could decimate our entire universe? There are real things that are just plain evil and most humans can see that. :/

  4. Cathedral narrative is an interesting term. I agree wholeheartedly that they are harassing you based on their agenda to be monopolies on news and one particular political side.

  5. Please address this. Its a major crime against humanity, there is no current way to access unfiltered uncensored information not manipulated by One sided corp news or media empires. The Internet is dying. I've tried chrome, edge, IE11, firefox. 10plus different search engines from US to Russia and I'm in a box I can't get past page 10-30. Try it search apples, pancakes anything. We're in the Turman show.

  6. but they are ALL still on Twitter …. from Lauren Southern to Crowder to Cooper …… still … on …. effing …. Twitter. After everything the left has done. Pathetic weak conservatives in 2022 are losing. You would think November would be a red wave but these people did not even secure honest and fair elections. They should all be on different platforms. Same with getting off youtube. You would think these people would all be in communication with eachother …. they are not. DONE with all you fake political losers on both sides. USA is already gone and still just on left wing social media platforms like DERP. You all make the world a worse place to live.

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