Twitter Bogusly “Fact Checks” Trump So He Repeals Their Legal Protections

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  1. I am all for them fact checking I wish more platforms would, but it needs to be done with an unbiased agenda. If they get to pick and choose than they should be held accountable. It may be a private platform but censorship goes against the first amendment.

  2. That psycho-Joe Scarborough story reminds me of a fantastic, incredible, unbelievable tale about Trump strangling someone who worked for him. Perhaps it's all nonsense, of course.

  3. Trump has a very loose-cannon way of making very legitimate points. Tucker Carlson says he has an almost autistic response to every issue. He doesn't go down a rabbit hole of nuance and clever rhetoric. He says the truest things in a zany way. They call him a liar. But he is the most brutally honest president in my lifetime. Sometimes he says ignorant things, but I have no doubt that he really believes them. I for one appreciate knowing what my president actually thinks, even when I disagree. We elected a reality TV star as president, people! I'm just thankful that he's using his pulpit to hold the hypocritical elite in this country accountable. One needs look no further than Jesus to know that those who speak truth about the powerful eventually get crushed. But the truth has a way of changing the world anyway.

  4. JD, how come you never say anything about FOX news? Do you believe they are innocent?
    Keep doing what you are doing! We love you!

  5. Oh, Jimmy, that talk about the government bring owned by corporations is fake. This is a race who control the media, politics, the education establishment.

  6. Trump is not a corporatist! He stood in front of ford execs and told them to their face that if they move that michigan plant to mexico then he would put a 25% tariff on every vehicle coming back across the border. They will be so expensive no one will buy them. And they backed off and kept the plant here to the delight of the working man and woman. He has done that with many companies and the first one was carrier and he did that when he was still president elect. Now i am not saying he doesn't want corporations to thrive, but he does stick it in their ass when he needs to. And the support he is getting in the industrial midwest shows it. And please tell the miserable liberal that i have a crush on her!

  7. They have read Orwell. They are doing it on purpose. They know better than you because they are better than you. Much better. You are garbage. Sit down, shut up and take it like the miserable dregs you are.

    Vote blue no matter who!

  8. Losing ballots is not voter fraud. Voter fraud means fake ballots are being cast.
    There's no evidence that voter fraud, (fake ballots are being cast, occurs.)
    This is why trump's tweet is misleading.

    People here and Jimmy are conflating voter suppression, ballots disappearing, with voter fraud, fake ballots being counted.
    Trump, wants voter suppression, then makes up bs that the dems want voter fraud.

  9. Many on the left like Sasha Baron Cohen are outraged that Twitter and Facebook have not completely banned Trump from their platform. They want our president banned!These people have no regard for civil liberties they just want their agenda forwarded.
    Would it not be a good thing to have a president who freely voices his opinions whether you agree with them or not? Not hiding behind advisors?
    It is not always to his benefit.
    85.7 million followers and they want him banned. A sitting American president!!!