Twitter Cannot Understand Why Destiny Collabed With Fuentes

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  1. People should be able to do whatever and converse with whoever. On that note I haven't heard anything from destiny and I'm not a fan of Nick, just just seems like a Babyface shitposter that goes on about white genocide

  2. People need to remember that despite how much influence Nick may have, he himself is very young and impressionable. He is a human being and Destiny was willing to treat him like one.

  3. People screech about how having Fuentes on draws people to his sphere, but for every 1 person who moves to his side he loses 10 to Destiny's side. People get trapped by Fuentes and Vaush, Hassan, Crowder, etc because they in crafted bubbles, Fuentes interacting with Destiny exposes his audience to counter ideas which ultimately pulls some people out of the echo chamber and to the political center.

    Radleft types don't understand this which is why they all screech, and the streamers they listen to do understand it which is why they refuse to debate people outside their political sphere.

  4. The recent Lauren Southern Destiny Fuentes stream was highly entertaining. Destiny going on rant about the differences between men and women then Fuentes agreeing enthusiastically Lauren wondering wtf just happened.

  5. Hmm.. A Persecution Complex — A combination of the false/unjustified feeling that everyone is ganging up on you, and an analog to a military-industrial complex designed to promote persecution.

  6. Nick Fuentes is an absolute example of what young men should be and he's cancelled for it. Just remember, they don't cancel you for being offensive, they cancel you for being correct, effective and intelligent, especially if all three apply.

  7. I knew of Destiny for a very long time now since he was a Starcraft 2 professional player. After a while he became political. Nick Fuentes I never watched his stuff but I knew he was edgy and that he upsets the snowflakes. I cannot stand Destiny's ideologies and beliefs and I watch the occasional debate he has with someone I do like to watch. But I never went out of my way to cancel him. People of the opposite political and ideological beliefs can still be friends and converse with each other. They both deserve credibility for this.

  8. Destiny is one of the few leftists I actually respect because he seems to actually believe what he says, enough that he thinks it can stand up to scrutiny. I don't think it does, but that's regardless.

  9. Really wouldn't be bothered if all left wing people suddenly dropped dead. They're f*cken totalitarian goblins, intellectually sub human. That's the level of discourse we're at right now.

    The only lefties I care about are the elderly ones who've been sucked into the tornado of insanity, when they otherwise wouldn't be if they weren't being brainwashed by the television (old people are complacent due to their vulnerability). The young rainbow haired ones have every opportunity to work on their reasoning skills and introspect, to be correct rather than politically correct.

  10. The left can only be saved by the right.

    I believe that something like that happened the last cycle with the atheist Vs fundies debates. Defeat is good for you when you have gone too far with your ideology and loose touch with reality.

  11. Weeeeellllll….. (In Sitch voice) Destiny lost partnership because what he said before his Rittenhouse take. (One I… And most reasonable people agree with)

    He got permabanned for arguing against biological men playing in women sports.

  12. what i really don't understand is that when you get cancelled and the cancellers cancel some other guy, you're supposed to uphold their edict, and also not talk to them?! fucking deluded.

  13. Social media is really bad right now.
    Just today I got a 3 day suspense on reddit for literally no given reason, supposedly because of "harassment", but I never harassed anyone and the notification gave no reason.
    At best I could see me merely disagreeing with a trans person being seen as harassment, and I do mean disagree, not insult, not attack, unlike the trans person who did call me a fascist and all that usual stuff. Though since I wasn't told why I was suspended I can't even be sure it's that.
    Really tempted to just leave Reddit and go to some less-left-extremist alternative.

  14. The left and right live in literal different worlds. Both can point to studies that prove their perspective. Two people can debate and both sides can claim victory. It is a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

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