Twitter CENSORING Ukraine War Coverage

Former weapons inspector and US Marine Scott Ritter recently tweeted that he believed that Ukrainian forces, and not Russians, were responsible for the civilian killings in Bucha, and by blaming Russia, American President Joe Biden was committing a war crime. Inexplicably, Twitter then suspended Ritter’s account, alleging that he had violated their restrictions against “abuse and harassment.” Ritter’s account was soon restored, but has since been suspended AGAIN for another equally benign tweet.

Jimmy speaks with Ritter about the situation in Bucha, social media censorship and the prospects for free speech in an era when lines between the government and the tech industry are increasingly blurred.

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  1. If congress or any other government officials want war then have them jackass send their children and or grandchildren first. This is a BS war and we shouldn't be involved.

  2. The fact is from even a Medic's point if view is that Rigor Mortis sets in from 2 to 6 hours and can be checked on medical sites. Some of the bodies in Bucha being thrown into mass graves in body bags were flexing and fresh kills, FACT. They were also laying next to burnt out Russian tanks, personnel carriers, and civilian vehicles that were already extinguished or done burning. These vehicles would of at least have been stil smoking from a conflict involving those civilian casualties if it happene during the "Liberation", FACT. Those bodies were not deaths from the same conflict that took out the vehicles and ran the Russians out of town. Then of coarse there is the white arm bands of surrender or Russian compliance that were the ones killed and their hands tied behind their backs. Probably a reason they were also just thrown into mass graves and not treated like Ukrainian Patriots like other casualties have been. The whole thing is dirty as is the whole WAR.

  3. And MSN's main Web page that posts articles from around the world has suspended the comments feature on articles related to Ukraine, Covid and Jan 6th.

    The page is however flooded with propaganda and articles discrediting Donald Trump.

    The Independent and The Guardian are prevalent in this regard. The Independent that is funded in large part by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  4. Ann Laure Bonnel the French journalist seems also be banned as she has been reporting Donbass.
    All social medias follow US politics as they are all US based companies. It's very shame, US calls itself free country, but in fact they manipulate everything.

  5. Any company that restricts a citizen's Constitutional rights is not exempt because they own it. Twitter does not own 'people's rights' on their PUBLIC platforms.

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