Twitter CENSORS Government Website EXPOSING Joe Biden Corruption, The LIES About It, Total INSANITY

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  1. Hey Tim, I do not think it's America flaughting its wealth on poor countries, but I do believe there is a group of individuals using America to push their influence world-wide: Call the the government's government, the Cabal, The Illumnati, or this or that "Group," but I do believe there is a group in America and its governments, agencies, beareaus, or offices pushing back. Some call them the Alliance; it seems to be involved with alien/UFO interferences or agendas. Who knows? Except perhaps for them.

  2. Twitter is at war with the Federal government. This is an attempted communist takeover of America. All of the traitorous tech companies should be tried for treason and have all their wealth confiscated. When you have to spread lies and supress the truth to try and obtain power, you are evil.

  3. I used to work with a high level security clearance for the US Military. This news is not even in the running for the most corrupt things Biden has done.

  4. They don't care because THEY know kamala will be in charge in a couple months. What are you gonna do, get mad in another comment section that will censor you? Game over folks.

  5. Biggest government lie – that baby boomers are the cause of the increases in health insurance. The truth is corrupt members of Congress and the Usdoj have been giving an illegal / safe harbor / anti trust exemption to federal hospital insurance contractors since the Clinton administration – allowing anti dumping and anti kickback violations against hospitalized federal beneficiaries, forcing state Medicaid hospital insurance kickback conversions. The money declared each year in health insurance fraud, is voluntary disclosed by the federal contractors, regarding how much fraud they conducted against hospitalized beneficiaries.

  6. Anyone still don't understand when we say the liberal lefty SOCIALIST loving demonrats, will do ANYTHING they can to destroy this country? This is exactly the practice of socialist! They only allow stories that they approve.

  7. Tim, I have watched your channel for sometime now and have only recently subscribed to it. I am much older than you but you speak to my viewpoint. You say you are a liberal though you are more like me a conservative with an understanding worldview that takes in the whole picture, left included. I didn’t vote for Obama or the Clinton clan, I held my nose when I voted for the Bush bunch trying hard to keep from throwing up. I don’t believe anything will come of any email scandal no matter the content, be it child porn or selling people into slavery. I’m not holding my breath for AG Barr or John Durham to bring charges against anyone. My gut tells me they are both submitting bids to the highest bidder where loyalty to our constitution is concerned. I’m going to catch hell from everyone on my comments and really don’t care. I love your point of view keep up the good work you are doing.

  8. Censorship only hides the truth. The truth is the only thing that will stand the test of time. The truth has a way of coming out at the most in opportune time for some reason, go figure.

  9. Tamar on went back and tried to get his computer back okay Hunter Biden got to go back and get his computer so that's how we know it was Hunter Biden emails you don't believe me look it up don't take a rocket scientist Google it dumbasses personally if you don't use Google and use something else you'll find it but if you use Google you'll never find it