Twitter CRIES Over Author’s Kickstarter Success.

Twitter is still crying over the success of Sci-Fi / Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson on Kickstarter. The dude’s multi-multi-million dollar campaign has blown past any previous Kickstarter record for ANYTHING… and it’s not fair. Because he’s a privileged white male. According to salty rival authors and publishing industry gatekeepers. In fact, he should give some of that money away or promote diverse voices or something because how DARE he be rich.

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  1. Micheal Bay's Transformers series has how many movies and made how much? Didn't pay a dollar for those movies and definitely won't for any of their books either. But I'd pay a premium to see the 80's Transformers movie in theaters.

  2. No . . . I don't like E. van Scriver, either. He's definitely one of those people who are 'up themselves'.
    That's NEVER a good vibe from a male, but when it reaches AOC levels, as his does, then that's a massive "Nah, mate. Go F*** Yourself" from me.

  3. I want to point out there are entire publishing companies dedicated to only publishing stories made by authors based off of gender and racial lines. None of them are for straight white males. The fact that I as a writer can't publish from any publisher because of my race and sexual orientation means I am somehow more advantaged than people who can just apply to every publisher for a market of people who don't know what you look like beyond maybe your pen name.

  4. Worked his butt off for years? Pffft, doesn't matter. Hours and hours of his college seminar lectures on writing put out onto YouTube for FREE. Not important! Making money for his effort? HOW DARE YOU!!! RAHHHH

  5. That's not what "sour grapes" means.
    That idiom refers to a person rationalizing a thing they can't achieve by tearing it down (not getting invited to a party so you tell yourself "that party was lame anyway")

    So the people saying "my stuff didn't do well because the audience is a bunch of istaphobes" is actually sour grapes. This is just envy and an unjustified sense of entitlement

  6. 14:08…" lowest difficulty of life " Says one of the people that wants @ll competition to lower their game for lesser players. Gamer's game, learn to game or play something else…there's something for everyone. Their " Empire " is collapsing.

  7. Authors do not spend money to publish. They have a publisher and an agent who get paid from sales. The publisher handles marketing through publicists. This is why you do not see authors using fundraising, let alone successful authors fundraising. Same with publishing companies. They, including the self-published, are already getting payment via sales. A sign of a scam for an author is a requirement to pay. A fundraiser would be a means used to put money in the pocket of the person running it; not to publishing.

  8. I don't think this hate campaign is just about being salty. In my opinion they are trying to tarnish his reputation so his works are not adapted by the Hollywood. He is well established author who clearly wishes to see some of his characters on screen (that's why he never openly criticises anyone) and this overachievement on Kickstarter is clear signal to any good producer. Next they will turn on his fans with the usual accusations to establish toxicity of his franchises.

  9. To be honest, I had never heard of this guy before everyone and their mother started talking about him on youtube. But if he's a good writer and people want to read his stuff he deseves the money they've been giving him!

  10. Sorry, but i disagree on this one with you. You missing some good points about Kickstarter. It's should be for small creators that need funds to kickstart their project. Not big creators who do their daily "i make something that i made everyday and sell". Let say some big company like EA will make kickstarter of another FIFA. Do they need Kickstarter? No, do they take space on front page where there is limited number of "Hot" that can be promoted? No. You ask why? Because they are selling fucking FIFA…
    Big creators can use kickstarter to fund some more "unceratin" product. For example this Author guy (sorry i don't read his books and don't even know him) will make kickstarter to sell video game about his book or whatever. See that project is more insteresting in KS point of view. His fans maybe are not gamers and will not be wise to jump on it with his own funds. Meanwhile he stuck doing his writer stuff like anyday.
    You also claim that it gives traction to site. It's true, but it's also may takeaway some people that use KS and get hyped train to his book. Taking away from some project, because there is some sum that someone willing to spend on product. Ye sure he may track some whales and i wish that was true in such cases, but it's more of "Oh people likes it, must be good them" from small spenders (fear of missing out).
    I don't give a fuck if he is white or male or whatever. It's just hard truth that Kickstarter is not used to kick start some project. People now use it as pre-order machine…

  11. I loved the Queen of Rats comment that managed the gramatically ambiguous "given a that man". Nothing says "quality writer" more than a badly written whinge tweet.

  12. I stopped reading Sanderson after stormlight archive book four which was woke garbage now I'm wondering if that wasn't the publisher making demands and this is him going around them

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