Twitter Earnings Report WAS BAD Proving Elon Musk CORNERED The Company, Left FURIOUS Over Elon Memes

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  1. So are the crazies going back to Tumblr or something?

    But in all seriousness, to play devils advocate, I heard that even asking a lawyer anything about legal things will more than likely allow them to charge you their service fee or whatever. Probably didn’t want to be on the hook for a few thousand dollars.

  2. Dear Tim, If your government was doing their job and were doing their best to secure an economic future by creating good paying jobs for their voters instead of promising and bribing them with free money that was never theirs to start with to those who are in need because the politicians never provided jobs in these communities in the first place then you wouldnt need these government programs. Take a look at the once successful cities that have been destroyed by the bribes for votes under the disguise of compassion. Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and your home town of Chicago have all been destroyed by the removal of prosperity with the promise of free money for votes. My father was born and raised in Camden, NJ and it was once a place you would like to raise children but it was transformed by the tax payers so called free money followed by the high taxes of the Democrat party. What exactly is a politicians job? Is it to wait until economic collapse so they can hand out free money that is not theirs. Or is to help their community be successful so their community is strong and can stand on its own? From my point of view this is the systemic problem of the modern black american. Free money in poor neighborhoods (no jobs) with no way out. It is an absolute paradise for any Democrat politician. The country of the United States has lost its way through the Democrat propaganda of the corporate controlled mainstream media.

  3. Jesus Christ, who the f*** cares?! Sick of the same s*** every god damn-day. I have and never will use Twitter. I get that it's a win for the right, but Twitter is still a s***hole for morons.

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