Twitter Employees Meltdown in Cry Closets After Elon Musk Buys Stock


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  1. Okay, serious question here: why does Twitter matter to the relatively small percentage of the population that uses it? How much money does one earn from tweeting, receiving retweets, having followers, etc.? Does Twitter create millionaires or something?
    For the life of me, I cannot understand how a platform/publisher has become so influential despite being so reviled by seemingly everyone who uses it because of the ugliness engendered by and amplified through its format (strict limitations on character count force people with little training in editing to hack and slash their comments, leading to a distillation of message that forgoes nuance and subtlety in favor of bluntness and terseness, which invariably rubs sensitive readers the wrong way, inciting them to respond in a similarly curt manner, and so on—brevity may be the soul of wit, but it doesn't hold true for witless Leftists itching for a new thing to be outraged by every day).

    So, really, I have to ask. Do Twitter users get paid handsomely for their participation? God knows the only way I'd dip even a toe into the cesspool swarming with parasites and vipers known as Twitter would be the promise of easy money.

  2. I wonder if we can get Mr. Musk interested in buying some main Street media propaganda machines and turning their ass around They shit the American people just as bad as social media more really. They're supposed to be the police of the politicians not climbing in bed with the son of a b**** What a bunch of s*** we have to get this straightened out. Mr Musk is a hero in America. He's got balls of stainless steel. He reminds me of a man who's got balls like titanium Mr. Trump. What's up big dog? But anyway folks got me a brand new bucket to take to the midterms. Going to be able to catch so many liberal tears. I can drink that s*** for coffee in the morning. Love it!

  3. Just for poops & giggles, let’s see Elon open up the first virtual shareholder meeting by asking everyone to follow along with The Lords Prayer as we open our meeting, we all need wisdom from above in these turbulent times….
    The sound of bursting arteries in the Bay Area might trigger seismological monitoring stations at Livermore labs….👍🏻😉

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  5. Between Elon getting twitter and Bari Weiss starting a college and a media platform, Im starting to see a glimmer of hope for the west.

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