Twitter Files 5: Trump REMOVAL APPROVED and Employees CELEBRATE


Twitter Files 5, via Bari Weiss, reveals the internal Twitter conversations leading up to and including the suspension of Trump. Weiss shares messages of elated Twitter employees celebrating Trump’s removal.

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  1. No wonder Elon fired most of the employees. Im curious if Twitter had given Musk these files when they were trying to prove the bots were a smaller subset. Its like Musk is playing 100 dimension chess.

  2. I'm so incredibly sick and tired of hearing people discuss America as a democracy. We are not now, we never were, and never will be a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. This isn't survivor Island with mob rule and voting people off. Hence the electoral college. You want to see what a democracy is look at California. And they just don't get that all those propositions they keep voting for is the reason they can't afford anything.

  3. NO BETTER SOURCE for all the "Twitter Files". i watch all the vidz at least three times, and share with my budz. Great Job. Looking fwd to your next installment. some of us do NOT use Twitter, so THIS iz most helpful.

  4. The tweet of the message “Just to update you. They understand the earlier assessment of the tweet but they now see him as the leader of a terrorist group…” 😂😂😂😂😂 omg this is insane and more fun than I thought it would be

  5. Wow Twitter file 5 seems to clear President Trump of all this crap a bunch of crazed lunatics who have obviously run amok with an overdose of TDS. TDS so strong that it has forever tarnished the reputation and fame of the greatest president this country has ever been blessed to have. Ever!

  6. Vajaya was head of legal so she has no excuse for colluding with govt officials regarding censorship or as they term it, protecting democracy.. seems all crimes are excusable if done for the greater good of protecting democracy or a fringe minorities view of what that should be.. The Journos who are the ones releasing the files are also serving to whitewash the crimes by claiming the govt didn't have a say in things only expressed their concerns and that the actual decisions were willingly made by the staff.. this is how they wash the hands of the govt. However, what a journo believes is just opinion and not a court of law.. no out of tweets can blur the lines of legality unless people become so superficial that nobody acts on the evidence or if fine with nobody acting on the evidence. We just saw what was done to AJ, and what the J6 people who weren't even present at the Capitol have been charged with.. how this is any different depends on the perception the current DOJ, therefore they have it locked no matter what's revealed.

  7. We, "the Constitution Respecting People" WISH the evil hiding in federal, state and local governments to be formally and criminally accused, jailed till trial and prison for those found guilty.

  8. They will laugh it off and it is a National scandal…nothing will be done,,,the phony opposition party Republicans and their owners will see to that…political theater… but I appreciate and are grateful for your more than competent results bring this to me, thank you Robert

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