Twitter Files EXPOSE Pentagon Psy Op | Counter Points

Ryan and Emily bring on Lee Fang to discuss his new reporting showing Twitter worked with the Pentagon to facilitate psy-ops.

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  1. Not sure why anyone would be outraged that the Pentagon has a psy op operation around the world given that western Democracies have been behind the 8 ball for decades when it comes to confronting Communist China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and countless other geopolitical enemies. These enemies have long maintained a major psy ops presence around the world and their goal is to destroy Democratic values and practices everywhere they are found. Make no mistake. This is an existential threat. China is the worst threat of them all and the U.S. has been slow to confront that threat because of private sector greed and the corruption private sector robber barons fuel in DC.

    That being said, there is ample reason to outlaw and aggressively eliminate all psy ops/propaganda from social/mainstream media in the U.S. because all of this disinformation diminishes the country. The same holds true everywhere else in the world, but that is up to the citizens of other countries to decide for themselves.

  2. There is a lot more to the Twitter files than just the Hunter Biden laptop…
    There appears to be a deep state presence in social media that appears to be a blatant attack on the constitution by our rogue factions with military industrial complex ties.
    The definition of Fascism is when corporations merge with government to rule the people.

  3. This story puts a neat bow on the Russiagate saga. It was a case of sheer projection on the part of the establishment and the intelligence community to cover up/deflect from their own psy-op, which was far more meddlesome in American politics than anything the Russians have ever accomplished.

  4. The Penta'goons' by proxy[among other operations(Ukraine)] fear's the new people town square badge, being touted as the new sheriff in town. As a result of this de-fanging[bad pun] they too flash their appointed badge to other deep-state affiliate's to lean in. Is this why we see Elon bend the knee, and now state the acquiescence for the FBI. Maybe co-incidental on the flight charter debacle, timing a bit sus?
    However, third party might be applicable for Musk and not wanting to show weakness, devised the distance call himself,(given the offer he could never refuse[military contracts,going foward]).
    Let it be known, three words JFK.
    Is this the type of government we want in the house? Any push-back by the people wanting to figure out truth, be stomped on like gangs protecting their territory.
    Get your mates rich, foget the rest revolving door is not, last time I looked in the 'constitution'.
    Consent for 8% increase on defense budget, enough page's to section a small rain forest off, just to produce document. This is a 'madhouse' 99% it will pass.
    Just to add too the vulgarity, Zelensky is on his way.
    "Spear us your present's"

  5. I mean I don’t think anyone is surprised…. Like Duhh. it’s nice to see it in the open now. Keep in mind the USA sponsored international bot farms are also very real and play a key role in the war and general meddling.

  6. The Pentagon is influencing everywhere Hollywood, social media, legislative branch, executive branch, news, retail, other countries etc…. At least we are in the country with the largest, most influential military and most expensive

  7. IIA operations are done by Military Intelligence and PMCs using social media as a tool for influence. Project Reigns has influenced elections all over the world. I have no doubt our military created and instigated Arab Spring, Q, Russian Collusion, specific trends, and other movements through social media. If we thought the Snowden leaks were crazy many years ago, this tops the cake

  8. This is excellent info. There are Agent provocateurs everywhere on social media. Half the time I post and I just get brain-dead replies or spam I have to think, is this my own government doing it? The tactics of the CIA never went away. They just went online.

  9. Does this really surprise anyone? And now, the Congress is about to increase the military budget even more. This is how empires fall. Our priorities in this country are so fucked up. And they wonder why Conspiracy theories and nuts jobs are on the rise. Crappy economic situations like what we are in are making it ripe for Cult like/Mob like mentality to take hold. As for this story in particular, we all knew this shit was going on. I think many Americans know our deep state is full of shit and has done many many shady things.

  10. My Twitter account was suspended years ago for tweeting about the atrocities and genocide the United States and Saudi Arabia perpetrated against Yemen. Sickening, depraved and disgusting

  11. I appreciate Lee actually going after this story, instead of the dumb fake beat-ups that the other three are trying to gin up as something other than ordinary business.

    However, as a non-American and actual leftist (not a "liberal") and therefore quite frequently stuck under America's violent, idiotic boot heel, we all knew when the SocMeds said they were going after inauthentic actors that they didn't mean AMERICAN inauthentic actors. American companies toe the American line (except when it comes to taxes).

    How dumb was any American to think otherwise? Are some of you still so docile and moronic that you think your government thinks of you as anything but an enemy to be controlled?

  12. You mean that people are just now realizing that our Intelligence agencies have been controlling our social media sites? Probably the same people who still believe that the Intelligence agencies had nothing to do with The Trump Russia Collusion fiasco, the two impeachment fiasco's and now the Jan 6 false flag operation. Amazing how stupid and gullible Americans truly are.

    And why won't main stream media report on any of these disclosures? Could it be that the intelligence agencies have also penetrated main stream media?

    Naw, that couldn't be possible.

  13. One bunch of liars testifying before another bunch of liars, look forward to a lot of action and no change except for the worse, thanks for the reporting and much love to all 💙💜💚💛

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