Twitter Files Part 2 and 3: Political Blacklists REVEALED and TRUMP REMOVAL


#TwitterFiles #Blacklist #Censorship

First, Bari Weiss releases the second batch of the Twitter Files, providing direct evidence of Twitter’s massive censorship operation. Prior to Elon’s purchase, Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde assured America this was not happening. Christopher Wray warns about another influence operation, TikTok.

Next, Matt Taibbi releases the THIRD batch of the Twitter files, revealing internal slack messages from Twitter Executives detailing their discussions about banning prominent conservatives.

#TwitterFiles #Censorship #FreeSpeech


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  1. Robert thank you for being a serious, professional lawyer (who didn’t grift off dragging amber heard). It makes you look better. You’re the guy we come to for serious content. The Twitter Files and First Amendment 🇺🇸

  2. This is absolutely sickening. This is just deplorable behavior. Truly shows that "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Who the f*%k do these people think they are? THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE?

  3. I used to watch so many podcasts. I could cover them in much less time than yours. But I now listen to you first, because there is only so many hours in a day. That's how much I love your work. I know what's happening…..some days wish I didn't.

  4. I have been shadowbanned and blocked for some of the things that I have shared online and they are posts normally that I get off of YouTube. Right now I'm having similar problems with Facebook

  5. I know you can't say it but I sure the £¥€k can! TREASON! Will be removed from learned words!??? What the £¥€k does that mean! Question everything especially when thay want you to question nothing! What kind of a @$$ would name their company Twitter!? Quote Joe Biden " that's a stupid question " no such thing as a stupid Question Joe! Just stupid answers to Questions Joe!

  6. The proud boys, you merd zzz fan the FBI? How can Trump be held in contempt for not wanting to do an episode of Night Court? Was Vs three
    Q mmm ihhh

  7. Republicans were sent to prison saying they lied to congress just because they are Republicans, not because they really lied, but because they were Republicans. Then you have democrats who have out and out lied,like Fauci, who made contradictions and nothing has been done to him at all.

  8. If you are relying on your vote or a pubilc servant to save you " you are already dead " !
    We The People , For The People , By The People !
    This means you can only rely on yourself to save yourself !
    No longer can you debate or argue " there is no discussion or negotiation with your life , liberty or pursuit of happiness!
    There is nothing to talk about.
    Only action brings change !
    Only risk brings success!
    Only you can save you and only if you stand on the rock can that salvation be delivered!
    No foundation , no house !

  9. Hay brother I love your work here.
    But I have to ask " are you willing COERCING innocent people into contracts with kangaroo Barr Association courts ?
    Are you aware code is not law and ruled illegal to operate in America by the supreme court 5 years ago.
    Do you realize you can sue the law school you attended for faurd form teaching you code and not law ?
    Do you actually know any actual L.A.W. ?

    Appreciate your work and your person good sir just had to ask ?

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