Twitter Files Part 8: CENTCOM Involvement and More Dorsey-Agrawal Era Lies

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  1. Watch republicans not do anything meaningful. You know exactly why. Because they are in the pocket of the mega corps and the MIC just like the democrats. You tend to lose sight of that these days, Styx.

  2. Tarl is missing the bigger picture here. Fangs reporting was severely limited in scope due to his access. It's not just about propaganda. That's a limited hangout. The social media companies may very well have been devised to shape public opinion. They certainly are being using for that now as part of sophisticated psychological operations in the US and abroad. Twitter bots and fake accounts are not just used for shaping public opinion but are also used for direct calls to action. Think color revolutions, The Arab Spring and The Black Lives Matter upheaval in 2020. These manifestations go back two decades.🐰What do Twitter bots, Gene Sharp, Peter Ackerman and The Arab Spring have in common?

  3. Weiss attacked Elon for banning "journalists" on Twitter for doxxing. Weiss is scum. She thinks, clearly, that "journalists" are special people and should have different rules applied to them. Fuck Weiss.

  4. I don't expect any real investigations from the G-utless O-ld P-ussies Party Leaderlesship. Dog and Phony Show.
    In a corrupt government, one dirty hand washes the other.
    Congressional term limits and lifetime ban on Lobbying.

  5. The Arab News was big 6 ish was Syrian, Russia 🇷🇺, alies then. Assad was said to javelin gased the public, mainly religious and museums then. Was when ISIS was a thing pre Trump getting into office.
    If memory servers me correctly , it was handled after Trump was in.
    Asylum laws Osama admin. Press in my community

  6. The cat shouldn't be giving it away for free.

    I think Elon should issue a new poll before he "leaves" his role as CEO. "Should contact everyone censored by the prior regime and government's collusion? Providing each with direct evidence for potential lawsuits?"

  7. I'm not a republican, but I can only imagine how much of a black pill it would be for other republicans citizens to see this and all this evidence but have the republican party in government do nothing. In my opinion, the republican party was just handed a massive political scandal on a gold platter. To do nothing with it is insanity. I cant fathom a reason not to anything, other than we have no democracy, it's all a lie, an illusion of one party against the other, and we are all just controlled by a shadow dictatorship wearing the skin of a democratic republic.

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