Twitter Files Part Four: Trump was Targeted for Years by Yoel Roth!

More clear cut bias and shenanigans:

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  1. Irony of Ironies:

    I use a VPN–speaking of. Not gonna say which, but when the Ukraine stuff kicked off, they removed their Russian server, but kept their Ukraine one. Now I just wonder how many people are using only Ukraine because "solidarity." I also wonder how many people actually check their active location while using that server. Because if they did, they'd know it shows that they are in Moscow. And I'm not talking about the Moscow in Idaho.

  2. Heh, kinda sounds like how some deprogrammers worked in the 70's. You get the person away from the cult, and you slowly dole out reality to them. Like Styx said, much easier to process than to have a massive dump that will make a lot of people just entrench themselves deeper as the propagandists will just make the waters muddier for them.
    Happy Sunday all. Twitter gift Day 5 🙂

  3. The problem is, the average dem voter doesn't care about this.
    We're way WAY past principles and applying fairness.
    Politics in the US is no longer a game that can be won with reason and appeals to common principles. We've entered the end stage. All that's left is a ramp up of stochastic terrorism justifying final consolidation of power and suspension of human rights.

  4. Breitbart did the same with the Acorn vids… He aired one, waited for the reactions of Acorn: "Yeah, hm, but it is a single one… all our other dependences are squiky clean." — And he aired the next vid from one of the other branch offices. 😉

  5. I fundamentally disagree with Styx's definition of "bombshell" and "nothing burger". The difference is not the egregiousness of the crime that was committed but the reaction of the normies. If the normies don't care about it, it doesn't matter and it's a nothing burger.

  6. The slow drip is basically the revelation oriented boiling frog principle. If you dump all at once, it is 'too hot' initially, too much, overloading, and that's the frog jumping out of the pot, (people shutting down, becoming quickly desensitized and disinterested). Whereas with the slow drip of information, the time necessary to digest, to acclimate, to absorb the actual facts, and come to terms with how f'ing disgusting, Orwellian and tyrannical it all is; I.E.: The slow increase of temperature, so as not to completely shock people out of interest with the facts, which are damning and should never have been allowed in American business nor the social square.

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